Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel - All Concern Encouraged (SOLACE)

Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel - All Concern Encouraged (SOLACE)

The Louisiana State Bar Association/Louisiana Bar Foundation's Community Action Committee coordinates the program called SOLACE (Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel - All Concern Encouraged). The sole purpose of the program is to allow the legal community to reach out in meaningful and compassionate ways to judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal secretaries and their families who experience deaths or other catastrophic illnesses, sickness or injury. The way the program works is simple, but the effects can be significant. Notify one of the Program Coordinators when you learn of a tragedy occurring to someone in your local legal community. Through working with you and close friends of the family, the coordinator will then determine what would be the most appropriate expression of support and concern. That can range from simply sending the family a card signed by local and state leaders to providing the family with meals, needed support, assistance with grocery shopping or child care, or other similar services.

View the SOLACE Coordinators' Roster.

Past recipients of SOLACE assistance have been most appreciative. In addition, volunteers working on this project have experienced a true sense of doing something for others in need.

If you have any questions or know of any individual or family in need of SOLACE, please contact Hon. Jay C. Zainey.   

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