The LSBA is Developing Diversity/Inclusion Presenters to Present Workshops and Facilitate Discussions Statewide

Our profession needs venues to safely discuss topics that may be sensitive or even not-politically-correct so that we learn and grow as a profession and increase our ability to interact with each other appropriately and professionally, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, generation, lifestyle, or geography.

Accordingly, the LSBA is building its diversity/inclusion resources by equipping attorneys and judges with the skills needed to present diversity/inclusion workshops and to facilitate these much-needed discussions throughout the state. The LSBA successfully trained 16 presenters at its Train the LSBA Diversity Facilitator on May 8, 2012, at the Louisiana Bar Center.

These trained facilitators may be available to present to your members; within your firms and offices; and for CLE programs you are planning this year and next. The diversity/inclusion presentations and workshops either qualify as professionalism or ethics (depending upon the content). Please contact Kelly McNeil Legier (504-619-0129;\) to obtain more information or to schedule a presenter to provide the professionalism session for your program.

Help the LSBA advance diversity, inclusion, and professionalism one conversation at a time!

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