LSBA Diversity Conclave Breakout Session -- Specialized Professionalism Facilitator Training Workshop; May 22nd

The LSBA Institute of Inclusion presented for 20 attorneys a Specialized Professionalism Facilitator Training Workshop on May 22, 2013, at the Red Cross Board Room (2640 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA) from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Cathy Harris (C. Harris Companies, Inc.) and Theodore A. Quant (Director, Twomey Center for Peace through Justice, Loyola University New Orleans) delivered a full-day workshop, "Train the LSBA Diversity Facilitator."

This custom-designed breakout session built on the LSBA's annual diversity conclaves and Institute of Inclusion Roundtable Discussions and provide tools to begin the process of moving participants to the next level of understanding and valuing difference.

In this full-day session, each participant received the opportunity to:
• Increase his/her diversity knowledge and skills
• Boost his/her confidence in delivering effective diversity training
• Improve his/her understanding of stereotypes, prejudices and cultural differences
• Discover new ways to reduce bias
• Become more culturally competent and gain tools to promote diversity through training

Furthermore, the LSBA trainer received the opportunity to increase his/her ability to…
• Establish and maintain a safe and positive climate for diversity training
• Conduct and debrief learning activities and exercises
• Improve his/her ability to train employees who are different
• Facilitate discussion of sensitive issues
• Recognize and respond to diversity training challenges.

Participants who completed the training will have the option of having up to $50.00 of the registration fee refunded to them!  Participants who conduct diversity/inclusion presentations (of at least one-hour in length) arranged by and on behalf of the LSBA, will have $25.00 per session refunded.  The maximum refund is $50.00.

For more information on future trainings or on how to get the facilitators to assist your office or organization with a diversity/inclusion discussion, contact Kelly McNeil Legier (504-619-0129;

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