How Do I Know If I Have a Problem

How Do I Know If I Have a Problem

Take An Honest Test

What Can the Lawyers Assistance Program Do For Me?
The most important thing that LAP can do for any Louisiana attorney is provide CONFIDENTIAL resources to which an attorney-in-trouble can turn for help.
Curiously, no one can send you to LAP. No one can order you to go to LAP. No one can impose LAP monitoring upon you. The only way LAP assistance will be provided is for the attorney-in-trouble TO ASK FOR IT.

Do You Have A Problem With Drugs or Alcohol? Take an Honest Test.
Do you have a problem with drugs and alcohol that warrants a CONFIDENTIAL call the Lawyers Assistance Program in Louisiana? Only you can answer that question. Here are some questions you might pose to yourself in an attempt to discover whether or not you have a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Only you can answer the questions.
Only you can judge the propriety and honesty of your answers. honest and address the following inquiries:

  1. Have you failed to show up at the office or to appear in court because you had a hangover? 

  2. Have you ever awakened to discover that you could not remember what happened the night before? 

  3. Have you frequently missed appointments with clients?

  4. Have you ever showed up intoxicated at court or for a deposition?

  5. Have you ever drunk alcohol in the office during office hours? 

  6. Have you ever had to have another lawyer make your court appearances for you because you were hung over?

  7. Have you experienced deteriorating relationships with clients, staff and friends?
  8. Have you noticed that drinking is affecting your reputation?

  9. Have you ever missed deadlines, filed pleadings late, allowed a statute of limitations to run, or failed to pay your bar dues?

  10. Have you worried that these things are happening to you more and more frequently?

If you answered yes to even one of the inquiries posed in the previous section, you may be either predisposed to or suffering from alcoholism or some other form of chemical dependency.

That’s the bad news

The good news is that there is CONFIDENTIAL help and this assistance can be sought by calling the Louisiana Lawyers Assistance Program at 1-866-354-9334. The Executive Director, Buddy Stockwell, will be glad to speak with you or direct you to another LAP approved member in your area who can continue this CONFIDENTIAL discussion regarding your problem and the numerous mechanisms available to help address it.

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