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Question: What essential technology should you have in your office?
 Start with this list of important tech tools, and then build up as you go along:

  • Security Software (anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-theft)
  • Basic Hardware (laptop or computer, copier, scanner, fax)
  • Productivity Software (word processing, email, presentation, spreadsheets, and PDFs)
  • Time and Billing Software/Case Management Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Tech support/IT
  • Accessibility of Network or Cloud Computing Software
  • Digital Dictation and Voice Recognition
Question: Is there a quick, simple, electronic way to find mutually convenient dates for a small group?
There are several online scheduling tools which can accomplish this, including MeetingWizard, Doodle and Timebridge. These tools can streamline meeting scheduling by:
  • sending email invitations to participants proposing alternate times
  • summarizing their responses
  • updating you on the results
  • sending confirmations of the meetings, and
  • sending optional reminders prior to meetings
Question: Where should I start looking to find the right legal technology for my law practice?
A good first place to start is right here at the LSBA's online Tech Center. You can then augment what you learn here through several other means:
  • Legal blogs can be a great source for tech solutions and candid product reviews. There are a number of great blogs by tech-able lawyers, practicing nationwide and locally. The ABA Journal annually composes a “Blawg 100” list of members’ favorite legal blogs, which is an excellent resource. 
  • Tech advice also can come from your fellow practitioners. Find others whose practices are like yours and compare notes. Attend local bar technology seminars and, in particular, the LSBA's Solo and Small Firm Conference; this conference features top technology speakers and offers important networking opportunities to discuss technology decisions with your colleagues. 
  • The ABA’s Legal Resource Technology Center (LRTC) also posts excellent FREE resources, much available without an ABA membership.  

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