Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP)

Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP)

The Louisiana State Bar Association Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse was first established in 1985 to provide confidential assistance to members of the Bar and their families who were experiencing problems with alcohol or drug abuse. The Committee is composed of men and women volunteers, some in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse, some family members in recovery, and some just interested in helping with this mounting problem which permeates our profession and our society.

Please direct all calls and correspondence to:
J.E. "Buddy" Stockwell III, Executive Director

Lawyers Assistance Program, Inc.
1405 W. Causeway Approach
Mandeville, Louisiana, 70471
Phone: (985)778-0571
Fax: (985)778-0574
Toll free: (866) 354-9334
Lawyers’ Assistance Program Hotline

The goal of the Lawyers Assistance Program is to serve the public, the Bar and the profession by assisting, on a confidential basis, lawyers or judges whose professional impairment may stem from alcohol/drug abuse, mental health problems or gambling addiction. LAP is first and foremost an absolutely confidential method of providing help to an impaired lawyer or judge. By La. R.S. 37:221 and La. Supreme Court Rule XIX, Sec. 16(J), any information received by the LAP director or committee members must remain completely confidential.

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