So You Want to be a Lawyer

So You Want to be a Lawyer

Being a lawyer can be one of the most rewarding professions. Lawyers are an important part of history and every community. Lawyers were instrumental in the founding of our nation and played a major role in drafting the governing documents that still shape our government, our laws, and our way of life. Lawyers have played major roles within every civil movement that has occurred within our country, such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Women's Movements. Lawyers often make the best problem solvers and the best leaders because of the critical thinking and analytical skills honed and polished in law school and within practice.

But what does it take to be a lawyer? Becoming a lawyer takes time, determination, and resources. Find out whether being a lawyer is the right path for you by hearing from lawyers who are thriving within the profession and enjoying it and by reading about prominent lawyers and the profession. The LSBA's brochure and the video from the American Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division are good starting points.

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News and Events

Suit Up for the Future - Day 2

The second day of the Suit Up for the Future program proved to be packed with new information. Professor M. Isabel Medina, a Ferris Family Distinguished Professor of Law at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, engaged the students in a three hour presentation on Constitutional Law. Attorneys Monte Mollere, the Director of LSBA Department of Access to Justice, Amy E. Duncan, Project Coordinator for the LSBA Department of Access to Justice and Robert Pearson, the Director of Legal Services at the Louisiana Civil Justice Center, spoke to students about alternative legal careers in the area of social justice.  Following the presentation,  interns Miles E. Ballard (a 2014 Suit Up for the Future alumni) and Karina Shareen facilitated a resume crash course.  The students concluded the day by viewing  last year’s Suit Up for the Future students’ oral argument presentations. 

Photo ID:  Professor M. Isabel Medina takes a break with a few students.

To see the 2015 Suit Up for the Future program agenda, please click here

Suit Up for the Future - Day 3
Wednesday, June 16, 2015, was the first field excursion for the students! Students eagerly made the trip to the Field Trip to the Orleans Parish Public Defenders Office. When they arrived they were heartily greeted by Chief District Defender Derwyn Bunton, After their tour and question and answer session, students headed back to the Louisiana Bar Center. There, they met with two local attorneys, Deontrinelle Green with Rodney and Etter, LLC and Adria Kimbrough of the Kullman Firm. Professor Russell L. Jones, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and a Jesse N. Stone, Jr. Endowed Professor of Law at Southern University law Center, finished up the afternoon with a three hour course in Criminal Law.

To see the entire three week 2015 Suit Up for the Future program agenda, please click here.

Photo ID:  Students pose with Chief District Defender Derwyn Bunton.

Suit Up for the Future - Day 1
Seventeen local 11th grade, 12th grade and recent high school graduate students received a warm welcome to the 2015 Louisiana State Bar Association’s Suit Up for the Future program. Newly installed LSBA President Mark A. Cunningham and Federal Magistrate Judge on the United States District Court, the Honorable Karen Wells Roby greeted the students and each discussed the idea that lawyers work in all areas of our lives and communities. Members of the Diversity Committee’s Pipeline on Diversity Subcommittee co-chairs Sherri N. Guidry, of the 15th JDC Public Defenders Office, and Kandace R. Hamilton, of Tulane University's Office of Institutional Equity, also made welcoming remarks and stayed throughout the day to facilitate activities. 

Their real work began immediately after lunch with Professor Mary Garvey Algero, from the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, presenting her law school abridged  “Legal Writing”  course.  The day ended after students were given their team assignments for their mock legal problem.

To see what the students did for the their entire three weeks, please click here.

Photo ID:  Co-Chairs Kandace R. Hamilton and Sherri N. Guidry (L to R)

Suit Up for the Future - Day 5
Friday, June 19, 2015,  the students had a field excursion to the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court where they had the opportunity to view criminal proceedings. They spent half the morning with Judge Camille Buras, Section B and the other half of the morning with Judge Tracey Flemings Davillier, Section H.

During lunch presenters Jason Michael Freas, Johnson, Yacoubian & Paysse, APLC, Jim Nieset, of Porteus, Hainkel & Johnson, LLP and Renee Culotta, Frilot LLC discussed their law school and career experiences. Immediately following was Emily Maw, Director of the Innocence Project New Orleans (IPNO). Ms. Maw and Kia Hall Hayes shared with students the work the organization does in freeing innocent men and women from prison and death row.

Photo ID: Judge Tracey Flemings Davillier

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