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Read the Louisiana Bar Journal, Volume I, Number I, July 1953.

Louisiana Bar Journal: December/January 2014 - Vol. 62 No. 4

  • Whole Publication (22.22 MB)

  • President's Message (282 KB)
    This Holiday Season
    By Joseph L. (Larry) Shea, Jr.

  • Featured Article (1.04 MB)
    Focus: Mindfulness, Mental Health and Lawyers Assistance
    By Hon. Jay C. Zainey

  • Featured Article (2.89 MB)
    LAP, Inc. Offers Comprehensive Life-Saving Services
    By J.E. (Buddy) Stockwell

  • Featured Article (742 KB)
    Reach Out! Suicide Prevention Using QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer)
    By Leah Rosa

  • Featured Article (1.44 MB)
    What Do We Want? Mindfulness in Law!
    By Scott L. Rogers

  • Featured Article (813 KB)
    Establish Mindfulness and Reduce Your Stress: Be Pro Active and Create Balance
    By Ann H. Abbrecht

  • Featured Article (582 KB)
    The Enlightened Lawyer: Overcoming Stress and Creating Balance
    By Dr. Geralyn Datz

  • Featured Article (692 KB)
    Improving Attorney Quality of Life: The Emerging Role of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    By Daliah L. Bauer, Ph.D.

  • Featured Article (954 KB)
    Addiction and Treatment in a Professional Population
    By Dr. Jay A. Weiss

  • Featured Article (963 KB)
    The Right Way to Help
    By Jeff Jay

  • Featured Article (481 KB)
    One Lawyer's Journey Through Depression
    By Dan T. Lukasik

  • Featured Article (1.28 MB)
    One on One with Louisiana Supreme Court Associate Justice Jeffrey P. Victory
    Interviewed by Joseph L. (Larry) Shea, Jr.

  • Recent Developments (2.35 MB)

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