Diversity Subcommittees

Diversity Subcommittees


Diversity Awards Create criteria for diversity awards; coordinate the nomination process for the Human Rights and Trailblazer Awards and other LSBA recognitions; develop other award/recognition incentives; and nominate the LSBA and LSBA members for diversity/inclusion awards offered by other organizations.  Click here to go to the LSBA Awards page. 

  • The Trailblazer Award, established in 2013, recognizes members of the Bar from a group underrepresented within the Louisiana legal profession who have demonstrated excellence or accomplished greatness in the face of great adversity.
  • The Human Rights Award was established in 2010 to recognize outstanding efforts made by (1) a bar association, (2) law firm or law department, (3) an individual attorney or judge, (4) a court, (5) a community organization or individual in promoting diversity in the legal profession, in particular, to recognize efforts ensuring the full and equal opportunity of all persons for entry and advancement in Louisiana's legal profession.
  • The Guardian of Diversity Award was established in 2013.  Awarded in March of each year at the annual Conclave on Diversity in the Legal Profession, it recognizes non-profit groups, local and specialty bar associations, and public interest organizations that implement and advance diversity programs to promote and support diversity within the community.

Diversity Communications  Coordinate volunteers to submit diversity articles for the Louisiana Bar Journal and other publications; develop and coordinate content for the LSBA Bar Brief’s “Focus on Diversity” electronic newsletter; recommend content that would enhance the LSBA diversity webpage, and develop diversity brochures, bookmarks, and other communications as needed.

Diversity Conclave  Plan Annual Diversity Conclave and statewide mini diversity/inclusion workshops and roundtable discussions for local/specialty bars and organizations statewide.

Diversity Integration  Recommend diversity programs and initiatives that can be integrated throughout all LSBA programming and continuing legal education seminars and also integrated within programming offered by local and specialty bar associations. Promote and encourage LSBA members to obtain LSBA-approved diversity/inclusion facilitation training in order to facilitate diversity and inclusion professionalism discussions within LSBA programs and continuing legal educations seminars and programs coordinated by local and specialty bar associations. Coordinate diversity related programming to unite, support, and educate LSBA members on issues and topics of importance to those in the legal profession.

Diversity Specialty Bars Comprised of the leadership of minority bar associations throughout the state, the subcommittee assists with furthering LSBA diversity goals and the development of programs and initiatives that help to make the legal profession more inclusive.

LGBT Diversity Coordinate programs to unite, support, and educate attorneys, judges, professors, law students, paralegals, and other members of the legal profession in Louisiana on issues facing LGBT individuals; promote the creation of coalitions with other legal bar associations and organizations; encourage the adoption of non-discrimination policies in law firms protecting both sexual orientation and gender identity; and encourage and empower LGBT individuals to choose law as a career.

Pipeline to Diversity and Outreach
Law Students and Students
Coordinate and develop professional development workshops and programs for law students with diverse backgrounds; coordinate and develop programs for middle school, high school, college students; volunteer and identify volunteers for programs to expose children to legal professionals; identify and apply for grants to fund LSBA pipeline initiatives.

Law Firms and Judiciary
Encourage diversity efforts within the judiciary and law firms; assist in providing educational components and training on various diversity issues; assess diversity needs of law firms; recommend programs to assist law firms and courts in developing diversity programs and strategic plans; and plan efforts to encourage courts and law firms to execute the diversity commitment statement.

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