Resource Papers and Presentations


Resource Papers and Presentations

Resource Papers and Presentations available upon request to Connie Sabio, 504-619-0108


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Professionalism as a Means for Risk Prevention
By Elizabeth A. Alston
By Sandra Crosby


 Title / Author  Pages
The Case of the Silent Alarm Teacher’s Manual
By Professor Roy M. Sobelson, Melissa A. Pershing & Sally Evans Lockwood
The Professionalism and Quality of Life Committee Speaker’s Training Manual
By The Louisiana State Bar Association
The Case of the Blue Lagoon Nightclub Instructor’s Manual
By Professor Timothy P. Terrell
Promoting Professionalism ABA Programs, Plans, and Strategies
By The American Bar Association


 Title / Author  Pages
Professionalism in Depositions: The Sound of Silence
By E. Phelps Gay
"Atticus v. Rambo" - Suggested strategies to remain civil when you face incivility  23
By David Hricik, Baker & Botts, LLP
A Lawyer’s Code of Professionalism
By The Mobile Bar Association
Courtesy and the Rules of Conduct for Engaging in Civil Wars in the Civil and Criminal Courts
By Joe Giarrusso, Jr., Magistrate Criminal District Court
Ethics and Professionalism in and out of the Courtroom  22
By James A. George, George and George, Ltd.
Professionalism: Charting a Different CourseFor the New Millennium
By Frank X. Neuner, Jr., Laborde & Neuner
Professionalism: A Cost/Benefit Analysis for the Defense Lawyer and His or Her Client?
By Frank X. Neuner, Jr., Laborde & Neuner
Some Winning Ways: Professionalism v. Hardball
By Sandra Cosby
Mistaking Professionalism for Something That it is not
By Michael H. Rubin, McGlinchey Stafford
Professionalism and Professional Competence
By James A. George, George and George, Ltd.
Professionalism in the Admiralty Bar
By James A. George, George and George, Ltd.
What is Professionalism?
By the Louisiana State Bar Association
LSBA Professionalism Committee: Mandatory Professionalism Guidelines  6
Professionalism and Negotiation
By Anthony Dileo
The "Rambo" Problem: Is Mandatory Professionalism CLE The Way Back To Atticus?
By James A. George
by Sandra Cosby
Professionalism: A Practical Approach
By E. Phelps Gay
Professionalism in Deposition Practice: The Sound of Silence
By E. Phelps Gay
Professionalism: CLE By The Hour Presentation
By Lamont P. Domingue & Frank X. Neuner, Jr.
Professionalism: What Rules Do We Play By?"
by Professor Thomas E. Richard
Promoting the Culture of Professionalism In the Paralegal and Attorney
Relationship by Sanra Cosby
Who Wants To Be a Professional?
by Frank Neuner, Jr. and Elizabeth Row

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