Young Lawyer Chair Messages

Young Lawyer Chair Messages

Select Message from Ms. Erin O Braud

June/July 2015: YLD Is Worth It: Get Involved!

I am excited to serve as the 2015-16 chair of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s (LSBA) Young Lawyers Division (YLD). In the upcoming year, my goal will be promoting the YLD and increase young lawyer participation in the Bar/YLD activities.

“NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY!” This is such a true statement often voiced by many young lawyers. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to get it all done. We work hard, often long hours, every week. For many, after working, we return home to small children who are amazing and exhausting all in one fabulous pint-sized package. We are often tired and overwhelmed.

Given our limited amount of hours in the day, giving up even a precious minute has to be worth it. I know this. I get it. For me, the Young Lawyers Division is worth it. Someone recently asked me if the YLD was student council for young lawyers. It is not. The YLD is the public service arm of the LSBA. Every year, the YLD creates and advances projects that benefit not only the communities of Louisiana but also LSBA members. For example, the YLD partners with the Wills for Heroes program. This event allow lawyers to work directly with first responders — those who often need wills and do not have means to obtain one — and more experienced estate planning lawyers who assist with technical questions.

The impact YLD projects have made in Louisiana is truly remarkable. YLD involvement accelerates lawyer success by strengthening relationships that enhance business networks and through hands-on activity. Meanwhile, YLD public service work improves our communities and enhances the legal profession in Louisiana.

As we start the 2015-16 Bar year, several YLD projects are directed to benefit our members and address issues that are important to you, such as achieving your desired level of work-life balance.

We need your help. I’m not asking that you take on a second job (though I would love for you to join a committee). I know that your time is limited, and the YLD does not want to monopolize it. I do ask that you give the YLD a shot. Let the YLD show you with our level of service how we are worth it. If you are interested in participating in projects planned for this year or want to learn more about the YLD, go to the YLD’s webpage,, or contact me or any Council member.

Your participation level is up to you. Simply showing support by sending an email with a question can make a huge difference in the direction of a project or possibly the creation of one.

I am honored to step into the large shoes of those who have had the privilege of serving as YLD chair. If I can be of any help to you this year, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with the YLD Council, the Board of Governors, the entire LSBA and all of the young lawyers on a fulfilling Bar year.

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