Children's Law Committee

Children's Law Committee

The mission of the Children's Law Committee is to provide a forum through which attorneys and judges working with children can promote improvements and changes in the legal system which benefit children, parents and the professionals who serve these families.

The Children's Law Committee was created during the 2008-2009 in response to a request to then LSBA President Elizabeth Foote from members of the Louisiana Legislative Task Force on Representation in Child Protection Cases. The group sought an appropriate forum in which all parties practicing law related to children's issues could discuss matter in a manner which could benefit their practices. The current 23 member committee includes legal services attorneys, private practitioners, judges, etc. Their diverse backgrounds enhance the committee's ability to work through initiatives to benefit children, parents and professionals who serve them.

"Who's Looking Out for Me?"

An Introduction to the Court System and Child in Need of Care (CINC) Proceedings.

Louisiana Foster Care: An Introduction

Children's Law Committee News and Events

2013 Year in Review
The LSBA’s Access to Justice Program could not be able to accomplish its tasks without the ongoing partnership of Justice Community Organizations and the myriad of volunteers that recognize the importance of the work of Louisiana’s non-profit legal aid providers. As one year ends, we look back at the strides we have made together and we look forward to the possibilities continued collaborations can have to benefit those seeking access to justice. 

As you browse the list of exceptional accomplishments, we ask for your continued support for the Access to Justice program through 2014. 

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