LSBA House of Delegates

The Articles of Incorporation define the House of Delegates as the Association’s policy-making body. Created in 1957, the House meets at least twice each year: during the Association’s Annual Meeting and during the Association’s Midyear Meeting. Through authority vested to it in the Articles, the House has adopted Rules of Procedure which govern its meetings and administration. The Association president presides over meetings of the House of Delegates.

House members serve two-year terms and are elected from their respective judicial districts, with districts being entitled to one delegate for each district judge (including civil district judges, criminal district judges and family court judges). Delegates from the 1st through 19th judicial districts serve terms beginning in even-numbered years and those from the 20th through 40th judicial districts plus Orleans serve terms beginning in odd-numbered years. To be eligible for reelection, a delegate must attend at least 50 percent of all meetings held during his/her term or 50 percent of the in-state meetings held during his/her term, whichever is less. Provided attendance requirements are met, there is no limit to the number of consecutive terms a delegate may serve. Also, in accordance with the Rules of the House, the chair of each of the Association’s voluntary sections serves as an ex-officio voting member of the House.

Meeting of House of Delegates
The Louisiana State Bar Association will hold its House of Delegates meeting on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge in conjunction with the LSBA Midyear Meeting. 

  1. Resolution from the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization to amend the Standards for Tax Law to reduce the tax law CLE requirement from twenty (20) hours to eighteen (18) hours of approved tax law specialization CLE annually.

  2. Resolution from the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization to adopt standards for Employment Law.

  3. Resolution from the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization to adopt standards for Labor Law.

  4. Resolution from the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization to approve new specialty in Health Law.

  5. Resolution from the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization to adopt standards for Health Law (to be considered if House of Delegates approves Resolution #4).

  6. Resolution from Past President James J. Davidson III to create a Christian Values Preservation Section and to adopt Bylaws of same. - WITHDRAWN

  7. Resolution from Section Council Chair Val P. Exnicios on behalf of the following sections to increase those sections’ dues by $5.00 annually, commensurate with LSBA’s increase in section administrative fee: Animal Law; Antitrust Law; Appellate; Arts, Entertainment and Sports Law; Bankruptcy Law; Bench and Bar; Civil Law and Litigation; Class Action, Mass Tort and Complex Litigation; Consumer Protection Law; Fidelity, Surety and Construction Law; Government and Public Law; Health Law; Immigration Law; Insurance, Tort, Workers Compensation and Admiralty Law; International Law; Labor and Employment Law; Minority Involvement; Solo and Small Firms; and Trusts, Estate, Probate and Immovable Property Law.

  8. Resolution from the Access to Justice Commission proposing to secure funding for the state’s Legal Services Corporations through an increase in the annual notarial license renewal fees required of non-attorney notaries, and authorization to seek necessary legislative action to obtain such funding.

  9. Resolution from the Criminal Justice Committee to:
    ·  support state efforts to adopt sentencing and correction policies that reflect evidence-based and data-driven solutions to reducing incarceration rates; and
    ·  support policies that will reinvest savings from reductions in incarceration into the criminal justice system to adequately fund indigent defense, create access to quality mental health and addition services, assure validated risk needs assessment, improve community supervision, provide for job placement services, develop prison alternative programs that better protect the public, and reduce collateral consequences to incarceration.
    ·  Urge the judiciary, district attorneys, public defenders, sheriffs, and all stakeholders in the criminal justice system to support the implementation of policy recommendations of the Justice Reinvestment Task Force, in accordance with the above recommendations.

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