Programs and Projects

Judges and Lawyers’ Assistance Program (JLAP)
The Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, Inc. (JLAP), a full-service and comprehensive mental health and wellness assistance program with full-time professional clinical staff members. JLAP provides direct and confidential assistance for all mental health issues that members of the legal profession may encounter.

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Disabilities Assistance Network
The Legal Services for Persons with Disabilities Committee has reactivated its Disabilities Assistance Network (DAN) in response to an expressed need to assist the public identify the small number of attorneys willing to provide representation in the areas of the law related to disabilities. DAN helps connect attorneys able to provide representation on these issues with the public or colleagues looking to make a referral.

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Practice Assistance and Improvement
The mission of the Practice Assistance and Improvement Committee shall be to serve the Bar and the public in furtherance of the Association's goals of prevention and correction of lawyer misconduct, and assistance to victims of lawyer misconduct by evaluating, developing and providing effective alternatives to discipline programs for minor offenses, educational and practice assistance programs, and programs to resolve minor complaints and lawyer/client disputes.

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LSBA-Endorsed Insurance Program
The LSBA-endorsed insurance program administered by Gilsbar provides LSBA Members, their colleagues, staff and families with the highest quality coverage available.

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Leadership LSBA Class Program
The Leadership LSBA Class program was created in 2002 by LSBA President Larry Feldman, Jr. It provides exposure for young lawyers on how the LSBA functions as well as the pressing issues that face the Association and the legal profession.

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Legal Innovators For Tomorrow (LIFT)
LIFT is a statewide legal incubator and accelerator program for new lawyers going solo. Operated by the LSBA’s Access to Justice Program, the goal of the program is to increase access to legal services for low and moderate income residents of Louisiana by developing innovative new models.

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Loss Prevention Counsel
Louisiana's Loss Prevention Program was created in 1991 at the request of the LSBA's Legal Malpractice Insurance Committee and is operated by Gilsbar, LLC under the auspices of the LSBA. The purpose of the program is to assist the Louisiana practitioner in preventing legal malpractice, improving office practices and procedures, and better serving the public.

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Transition Into Practice (TIP) Voluntary Mentoring Program
The Louisiana Supreme Court has formally approved the Transition Into Practice (TIP) Program for new lawyers admitted to practice this year. The TIP Program, sponsored by CNA/Gilsbar, commences in January and is implemented through the LSBA Committee on the Profession.

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LSBA Awards
The Louisiana State Bar Association wishes to honor and acknowledge lawyers and judges who have made exceptional contributions to the legal profession and the community. Awards have been created across a broad spectrum of categories to recognize members’ outstanding efforts.

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Support of Lawyers/Legal Personnel - All Concern Encouraged (SOLACE)
The sole purpose of the program is to allow the legal community to reach out in meaningful and compassionate ways to judges, lawyers, court personnel, paralegals, legal secretaries and their families who experience a sudden catastrophic loss.

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The Legal Ease” Podcast (by the Louisiana Law Review)
Judges, professors, and practicing attorneys provide legal information to the Louisiana legal community on each episode of this popular podcast series by the Louisiana Law Review. The program aims to provide the legal community with easily accessible information straight from the leaders of the legal field. The podcast can be accessed for free via iTunes or SoundCloud (by searching "The Legal Ease") or via by the Louisiana Law Review’s website.

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