Senior Lawyers Division

The goals of the Senior Lawyers Division are to encourage and maximize participation of senior lawyers in the operation and betterment of the Louisiana State Bar Association, while providing services and support to the senior members of the bar.

Richard K. Leefe, Chair
Joseph L. Shea, Jr., Vice-Chair
James J. Davidson, III, Secretary/Treasurer

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Senior Lawyers Division Resources
History and Creation of the Senior Lawyers Division
A Senior Lawyers Committee was appointed by 2010-2011 LSBA President Michael A. (Mike) Patterson. The committee held its first meeting in July 2010. The Senior Lawyers Committee and the LSBA Young Lawyers Section submitted a joint resolution in June 2011 to the LSBA House of Delegates to create two new divisions: the Senior Lawyers Division and the Young Lawyers Division. The new Senior Lawyers Division held its initial meeting on June 7, 2012 in Destin, Florida, in conjunction with the LSBA Annual Meeting. Presided over by Richard K. Leefe, the by-laws for the Division were approved at that meeting.

View the resolution creating the Senior Lawyers Division (approved by the LSBA House of Delegates)
Senior Lawyers Division Bylaws
Article II, Section1 of the bylaws provides that any member of good standing of the Louisiana State Bar Association upon reaching the age of sixty-five(65) shall be enrolled as a member of the Division. The bylaws provide that the Division shall meet no less than twice a year, once at the Annual Meeting of the LSBA and once at the midyear meeting.

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Voluntary Mentoring Program
By court order in May 2013, the Louisiana Supreme Court formally created the Transition Into Practice (TIP) Voluntary Mentoring Program. The program, geared to the new admittees into practice, is also of great importance to the Senior Lawyers Division, as one of the Division’s goals is to offer assistance as mentors. The program will apply to 2014 admittees, with a kickoff date in January 2015. It is a voluntary program and will start in Shreveport, Baton Rouge and the greater New Orleans area.

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