Past Presidents of the Louisiana State Bar Association

President's Name Year City District
Cecil C. Byrd *1930-1931Baton Rouge5th
Charles E. Dunbar, Jr. *1931-1932 New Orleans1st
Joseph D. Barksdale *1932-1933Shreveport8th
Henry G. McCall *1933-1934New Orleans1st
U.A. Bell *1934-1935Lake Charles4th
John D. Miller *1935-1936New Orleans1st
Robert E. Brumby *1936-1937Lafayette3rd
Monte M. Lemann *1937-1938New Orleans1st
Charles V. Porter *1938-1939Baton Rouge5th
Eugene Stanley *1939-1940New Orleans1st
Pike Hall *1940-1941Shreveport8th
Daniel Debaillon *1941-1942Lafayette3rd
LeDoux R. Provosty *1942-1943Alexandria6th
Sumter D. Marks, Jr. *1943-1944New Orleans1st
H. Payne Breazeale *1944-1945Baton Rouge5th
Benjamin Y. Wolf *1945-1946New Orleans1st
Howard B. Gist *1946-1947Alexandria6th
Cuthbert S. Baldwin *1947-1948New Orleans1st
Benjamin B. Taylor *1948-1949Baton Rouge5th
Henry P. Dart, Jr. *1949-1950New Orleans1st
George T. Madison *1950-1951Monroe7th
Walter J. Suthon, Jr. *1951-1952New Orleans1st
Alvin O. King *1952-1953Lake Charles4th
Richard B. Montgomery, Jr. *1953-1954New Orleans1st
Thomas W. Leigh *1954-1955Monroe7th
William Waller Young *1955-1956New Orleans1st
Clarence L. Yancey *1956-1957Shreveport8th
James J. Davidson, Jr. *1957-1958Lafayette3rd
Harry McCall *1958-1959New Orleans1st
Fred A. Blanche, Sr. *1959-1960Baton Rouge5th
Richard B. Sadler, Jr. *1960-1961Alexandria6th
Alvin R. Christovich, Sr. *1961-1962New Orleans1st
Oliver P. Stockwell *1962-1963Lake Charles4th
Bascom D. Talley, Jr. *1963-1964Bogalusa5th
Leon Sarpy* *1964-1965New Orleans1st
W. Davis Cotton *1965-1966Monroe7th
John R. Pleasant *1966-1967Shreveport8th
John Pat Little *1967-1968New Orleans1st
George B. Hall *1968-1969Alexandria6th
Jacob S. Landry *1969-1970New Iberia3rd
Robert G. Polack *1970-1971New Orleans1st
Thomas L. Raggio *1971-1972Lake Charles4th
Calvin E. Hardin, Jr. *1972-1973Baton Rouge5th
M. Truman Woodward, Jr. *1973-1974New Orleans1st
Kent Breard *1974-1975Monroe7th
Robert G. Pugh *1975-1976Shreveport8th
Curtis R. Boisfontaine *1976-1977New Orleans1st
Howard B. Gist, Jr. *1977-1978Alexandria6th
Bob F. Wright *1978-1979Lafayette3rd
John C. Combe, Jr.1979-1980New Orleans1st
William B. Baggett *1980-1981Lake Charles4th
Edward F. Glusman *1981-1982Baton Rouge5th
Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr. *1982-1983New Orleans1st
Louis D. Smith *1983-1984Monroe7th
Charles W. Salley1984-1985Shreveport8th
Eldon E. Fallon 1985-1986New Orleans1st
LeDoux R. Provosty, Jr. *1986-1987Alexandria6th
Jacob D. Landry *1987-1988New Iberia3rd
Wood Brown III *1988-1989New Orleans1st
Leslie J. Schiff 1989-1990Opelousas4th
John Dale Powers1990-1991Baton Rouge5th
Rutledge C. Clement, Jr. 1991-1992New Orleans1st
H.F. Sockrider, Jr. *1992-1993Shreveport8th
Harry S. Hardin III1993-1994New Orleans1st
Ben R. Hanchey 1994-1995Monroe7th
Jay C. Zainey1995-1996Metairie2nd
Charles S. Weems III1996-1997Alexandria6th
David F. Bienvenu1997-1998New Orleans1st
Patrick S. Ottinger1998-1999Lafayette3rd
Robert E. Guillory, Jr.1999-2000Lake Charles4th
E. Phelps Gay2000-2001New Orleans1st
Michael H. Rubin2001-2002Baton Rouge5th
Larry Feldman, Jr.2002-2003Shreveport8th
Wayne J. Lee2003-2004New Orleans1st
Michael W McKay2004-2005Baton Rouge5th
Frank X. Neuner, Jr.2005-2006Lafayette3rd
Marta-Ann Schnabel2006-2007New Orleans1st
S. Guy deLaup2007-2008Metairie2nd
Elizabeth Erny Foote2008-2009Alexandria6th
Kim M. Boyle 2009-2010New Orleans1st
Michael A. Patterson2010-2011Baton Rouge5th
James J. Davidson III2011-2012Lafayette3rd
John H. Musser IV2012-2013New Orleans1st
Richard K. Leefe2013-2014Metairie2nd
Joseph L. Shea, Jr. 2014-2015Shreveport8th
Mark A. Cunningham2015-2016New Orleans1st
Darrel J. Papillion 2016-2017Baton Rouge5th
Dona Kay Renegar2017-2018Lafayette3rd
Barry H. Grodsky2018-2019New Orleans1st
Robert A. Kutcher 2019-2020Metairie2nd
Alainna R. Mire2020-2021Alexandria6th
H. Minor Pipes III2021-2022New Orleans1st
Stephen I. Dwyer2022-2023Metairie2nd
* Deceased
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