The Mission of the Louisiana State Bar Association

The mission of the Louisiana State Bar Association is to assist and serve its members in the practice of law, assure access to and aid in the administration of justice, assist the Supreme Court in the regulation of the practice of law, uphold the honor of the courts and the profession, promote the professional competence of attorneys, increase public understanding of and respect for the law, and encourage collegiality among its members.

The LSBA is an exemplar of service to the public and the professional interests of its members through effective leadership, the administration of its regulatory authority, the facilitation of access to justice and ensuring the competence and integrity of the bar.

  • Goal 1:  The LSBA preserves self-regulation and self-governance through our mandatory bar in service to the public and the profession.

  • Goal 2: The LSBA cultivates professionalism, collegiality and quality of life among its members to improve the quality of practice and respect for the profession.

  • Goal 3: The LSBA helps foster inclusion and participation by the diversity of its members and works to satisfy the unique needs of all members.

  • Goal 4: The LSBA expands access to justice.

  • Goal 5: The LSBA improves public trust and confidence in the legal system and its participating judges and lawyers.

  • Goal 6: The LSBA has the financial, governance and organizational capacity to serve its vision.

Louisiana State Bar Association
601 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130
(800) 421-LSBA(5722) / (504) 566-1600