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It is important for persons with a disability, or a disabilities-related legal issue, to have accurate information regarding their rights in order to be better equipped to seek a legal remedy when these rights are violated. As with many other areas of the law, disability law can be very difficult to understand, for both the individual or the legal professional. The Legal Services for Persons with Disabilities Committee has reactivated the Disabilities Assistance Network (DAN) to help you find an attorney in your area willing to provide representation.

The attorneys listed in this network have asked to be listed here, and have indicated that they have experience in, or are willing to assist with one or more disability law issues. The Committee has listed them in this network, organized by parish, in order to make information or possible resources available to the public and other practitioners handling disability rights cases. A listing does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the Louisiana State Bar Association.

If you do not see your legal issue listed, or need further assistance, please contact Access to Justice Projects Counsel, Evian Mugrabi at

If you are an attorney who would like to register for DAN, please visit

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