Leadership LSBA Class

The Leadership LSBA Class program was created in 2002 by LSBA President Larry Feldman, Jr. It provides exposure for young lawyers on how the LSBA functions as well as the pressing issues that face the Association and the legal profession. It also provides participants with general information on the responsibilities of volunteer leaders. Beginning in 2008, classes have been required to organize an individual class project to address needs in the profession and the community at large. The goal of the class project is to further develop the participants' leadership skills and to provide them with opportunities for statewide networking.

Leadership LSBA Class Resources
Candidates should be sure that they have the time and ability to commit to the completion of the class requirements. By conclusion of the LSBA fiscal year (which ends in June), participants will be required to:

  • Attend one meeting of the Board of Governors;
  • Attend one meeting of the House of Delegates;
  • Attend one meeting of the Young Lawyers Division Council;
  • Attend one Budget Committee meeting;
  • Attend one meeting of the Access to Justice Committee;
  • Attend one meeting of an LSBA committee of their choice;
  • Work with their class to develop and implement a class projects with the help of staff; and
  • Commit to serve on an LSBA committee for the following year.

The class term officially begins with an orientation meeting in late August and runs through the LSBA Annual Meeting in June.

Application Process
The nomination and application period for the Leadership LSBA Class begins in the Spring of each year. Each candidate must complete the written application, will be made available online and in several LSBA Publications. Prior classes have ranged in size from 5 to 16.

Leadership LSBA 2020-2021 Class
Class Rosters and Past Projects
Class Rosters
Rosters: Leadership LSBA Classes (2002-Present)
Class Mission: The Leadership Classes from 2002 to 2008 were expected to fulfil the LSBA meeting requirements listed above to gain exposure to how the LSBA functions and to learn about the various leadership roles within the Association. The yearly "class project" was instated with the 2008-2009 Class.

2019-2020 Class Project: Care Packages for Healthcare Professionals
The Class distributed care packages to healthcare professionals across the state in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The care packages included an assortment of snacks to provide health care professionals with healthier options during their long shifts. Packages were delivered to medical staff working in Baton Rouge, Bossier City, Lake Charles and Lafayette. In addition, meals were provided to medical staff in New Orleans and Bossier City. 

2018-2019 Class Project: Financial Literacy Initiative
The Class created an educational pamphlet titled, "Personal Financial Savvy for Lawyers" with the input of several financial advisors. The pamphlet provided useful information and resources on law school debt, smart investing and retirement. The Class also hosted a CLE session during the 2019 LSBA Summer School with financial experts from Louisiana discussing these same topics.  A copy of the pamphlet is available here.

2017-2018 Class Project: "Bar Relief" Fairs
The Class is hosted “Bar Relief: When Disaster Strikes, the Bar is Here,” a series of organization fairs that raised awareness for disaster relief volunteer opportunities. The devastation brought on by the Great Flood of 2016 and Hurricane Harvey spurred a need in local organizations for volunteers willing to get involved when disasters strike. Attorneys were invited to attend “Bar Relief” events in New Orleans and Lafayette to learn more about various disaster relief organizations and to sign up to volunteer.

2016-2017 Class Project: Resources for Persons with Disabilities
The Class elected to focus on developmental disabilities and the legal challenges faced by impacted families. Class members created a pamphlet detailing resources available for individuals with developmental disabilities and lawyers who may represent them. The Class also raised $3,486 for the Emerge Center of Baton Rouge, a community resource organization that works directly with children and adults suffering from communicative, behavioral, and developmental disabilities. A copy of the pamphlet is available here.

2015-2016 Class Project: Louisiana Bar Journal Commemorative Edition
The  Class created a special edition of the Louisiana Bar Journal to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Louisiana State Bar Association (June/July 2016, Vol. 64 No. 1). The Class wrote nine articles, compiled historic information and photographs from around the state, and conducted interviews with prominent Bar members on both the past and the future of the profession. The Bar Journal is archived online here.

2014-2015 Class Project: Hackcess to Justice
“Hackcess to Justice Louisiana” brought together legal aid providers and the tech community to create and showcase technological solutions to increase and streamline access to justice for underrepresented persons and communities in Louisiana. Partners included the ABA Journal, New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, legal aid providers, and the tech community. The program consisted of a presentation by legal aid providers highlighting the existing forms of legal aid services and discussing tech-oriented solutions and how they might translate to access to justice. After the presentations, programmers and developers collaborated for more than 24 hours to develop these technology-enabled solutions. Prize money was awarded to the winning app, "Legal Proof," which provides a simple way to create court-admissible evidence in numerous civil categories (divorce, custody, wills, landlord, workplace issues, etc.).

2013-2014 Class
 Project: “Alternative Careers in Law” Video
The Class produced an informational video for students discussing various job opportunities in the legal field. The video highlights careers that range from paralegal to politics to judge, and provides the viewer with a unique look at career paths that utilize a variety of skill sets. The video provides background information about various jobs outside of “lawyer,” and the steps that lead to fulfilling careers in the legal industry. 

2012-2013 Class
 Project: College PowerPoint Presentations 
The Class produced a presentation for college students on common laws that they should know (Statutory Criminal, Privacy and Tech, Contracts, and Constitutional Criminal).  Class member Ashley Smith created a PowerPoint incorporating clips, music, and other media.  Class members gave group presentations at local colleges in four major metropolitan areas in Louisiana: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette/Lake Charles, and Shreveport/Monroe. They also provided written materials to students.

2011-2012 Class
 Project: “Laps for LAP” 5K and Fun Run
The Class hosted the “Laps for LAP” 5K and Fun Run in Lake Charles. The goal of the event was to raise both money and awareness of the services that the Louisiana Lawyers Assistance Program (now referred to as JLAP) provides in assisting attorneys and judges with substance abuse and mental health issues. Forty-nine adults and children registered for the event at Sam Houston Jones State Park. A free catered picnic followed the 5K event.  “Laps for LAP” was dedicated to 2011-12 Leadership LSBA Class member Spencer Trahan, who passed away at the beginning of the Class term.  All proceeds from the event were donated in his name to JLAP, with a check presentation to the executive director of JLAP at the 2012 Annual Meeting. “Laps for LAP” was able to raise a total of $2,235. Photos of the event are available online here.

2010-2011 Class
 Project: “The Pro Bono Academy” CLE series
“The LSBA Pro Bono Academy” consisted of a series of free, 2-hour CLE programs conducted around the state, with the purpose of encouraging attorneys to volunteer to provide pro bono legal services through existing pro bono legal services programs.  CLEs were presented in Lake Charles, Alexandria and New Orleans. At each CLE, representatives and volunteers of pro bono legal service programs provided information about the types of cases handled by each program, and attorneys were encouraged to volunteer.  The CLE programs led to a number of attorneys registering to volunteer in programs such as HELP, SOLACE, the Pro Bono Project, and Appleseed.

2009-2010 Class Project:
 “Coming of Age in Louisiana” Brochure
“Coming of Age in Louisiana: Road Map to Adulthood” introduced teenagers to the changes in legal rights and responsibilities that occur once they reach the age of 18 and are legally considered adults. The brochure provided a broad overview of many topics, including: voting, contracts, property leases, consumer credit, sex crimes, driving, and employment.  The Class made short presentations and handed out brochures to high school students at Law Day programs in Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Lake Charles. The Class also created a poster with a web address where students could view the brochure on the LSBA website. The poster was distributed through the Louisiana Center for Legal and Civic Education (LCLCE) listserv. The brochure is available online here.

2008-2009 Class Project: Law Day High School Art Contest

Participants in the high school art contest were asked to submit art in any medium inspired by the theme: “The American Legal Legacy: Freedom, Justice, Liberty, Equality.”  The competition drew more than 70 entries from high schools around the state. Entries were evaluated by a panel of judges including: Scott Durbin of the Imagination Movers; Richard K. Leefe of the LSBA Board of Governors; Louisiana artists Irvin Mayfield and James Michalopoulos; and Hon. Patricia Murray of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia presented awards to the three contest winners at the LSBA Rule of Law Conference.  Additionally, the top 15 submissions were placed on display at the Library of the Louisiana Supreme Court in New Orleans.
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