JLAP Publishes 2018 Summer Newsletter

There is excellent news on all fronts for JLAP. Read all about it! JLAP’s professional Monitoring Program continues to set records, now with a three-year, no-relapse success rate average of 95%. JLAP’s work has been nationally recognized as “astounding” and “profoundly important” to the medical field. JLAP now provides Diagnostic Monitoring when supported via a JLAP-approved clinical assessment.

Also, JLAP has greatly increased its available services to law schools because statistics now show that law students and young lawyers are at highest risk for alcohol and drug problems.

JLAP’s overall performance statistics continue to set records and JLAP serviced more than 800 open files last fiscal year. In 87.5% of those cases, the assistance was totally confidential and did not involve referrals from bar admissions or the ODC. More than ever, and with the strong support of the profession, JLAP is confidentially helping to save lives and careers in hundreds of cases each year.

To access the 2018 Summer Newsletter and read about these stories and more, click the Summer Newsletter link on JLAP’s homepage at:  

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