Elections: Pipes, McAuliffe, Borel Certified Elected for Leadership Positions

H. Minor Pipes III of New Orleans and John E. McAuliffe, Jr. of Metairie have been certified elected for 2020-21 LSBA president-elect and 2020-22 LSBA treasurer, respectively, following the close of election qualifying on Oct. 21. Pipes will automatically assume the presidency in 2021-22. Danielle L. Borel of Baton Rouge has been certified elected for 2020-21 LSBA Young Lawyers Division (YLD) secretary and will automatically succeed to chair-elect in 2021-22. Current LSBA YLD Secretary Graham H. Ryan will succeed to 2020-21 YLD chair-elect.

Pipes is a partner at Pipes Miles Beckman, L.L.C., in New Orleans. McAuliffe is an attorney at Frederick A. Miller & Associates in Metairie. Borel is an associate in the Baton Rouge office of Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson, L.L.P. Ryan is a partner in the New Orleans office of Jones Walker LLP.

Online Voting Open from Nov. 18-Dec. 16

First-round voting will begin on Nov. 18 for 16 contested leadership positions on the Board of Governors, Nominating Committee, Young Lawyers Division Council and American Bar Association House of Delegates. Deadline for electronically casting votes is Monday, Dec. 16. Balloting will be conducted electronically only; no paper ballots will be provided.

Listed below are candidates in Contested Races and members who have been Certified Elected for their races. Profiles on candidates in contested races will be accessible online on Nov. 18 at:


Board of Governors (three-year term)
First Board District (1 position)
Amber B. Barlow
Louis A. DiRosa, Jr.
Scott L. Sternberg
Cory J. Vidal
Second Board District (1 position)
Erin O. Braud
Sandra K. Cosby
Bradley J. Tate
Fifth Board District (1 position)
Clayton J. Borne IV
Robert W. Maxwell
Adrian G. Nadeau
Jack K. Whitehead, Jr.

Nominating Committee (one-year term)
District 1A (4 positions)
Lori D. Barker
Lawrence J. Centola III
Louis A. DiRosa, Jr.
Barry H. Grodsky
Amy C. Kern
Sonjia D. Kirk
Scott L. Sternberg
Patrick A. Talley, Jr.
Phillip A. Wittmann
District 1B (1 position)
Clayton J. Borne IV
Madison R. Harvey
Kelly M. Rabalais
Charles M. Raymond
District 2B (2 positions)
Erin O. Braud
Shayna Beevers Morvant
Raymond S. Steib
District 2C (1 position)
Deidre D. Robert
Nicholas J. Zeringue
District 3A (1 position)
Blake R. David
Jeffrey A. Riggs
District 3B (1 position)
Cade R. Cole
J. Lee Hoffoss, Jr.
Cody J. Vidrine
District 3C (1 position)
Douglas L. Bryan
Robert G. Levy
District 3E (1 position)
Ana L. Gregory
Thomas M. Hayes III
Ann S. Siddall

Young Lawyers Division Council (two-year terms)
First District (1 position)
Jeremy S. Epstein
Matthew M. McCluer
Collin R. Melancon
Second District (1 position)
Betty A. Maury
Josh A. Stein
Third District (1 position)
William N. Abel
Megan E. Reaux
Fifth District (1 position)
Bethany A. Blackson
Loren D. (Fleshman) Shanklin

American Bar Association House of Delegates (2 positions)
Jacqueline M. Epstein
Richard K. Leefe
Deidre D. Robert


LSBA Officers
• President-Elect 2020-21: H. Minor Pipes III.
• Treasurer 2020-22: John E. McAuliffe, Jr.

Board of Governors
Third Board District: Dwazendra J. Smith.

Nominating Committee
• District 2A: Kelly E. Balfour and Darrel J. Papillion.
• District 3D: Joseph L. (Larry) Shea, Jr.

LSBA House of Delegates
(Some districts have appointments pending.)
• First Judicial District: Claude W. Bookter, Jr., James L. Fortson, Jr., Stephen C. Fortson, Daryl Gold, W. James Hill III, Richard M. John, Lauren B. McKnight, Amy M. Perkins, Nyle A. Politz, Joseph L. (Larry) Shea, Jr., Scott R. Wolf and Paul L. Wood. (Two appointments pending.)
• Second Judicial District: (Three appointments pending.)
• Third Judicial District: Tyler G. Storms. (Two appointments pending.)
• Fourth Judicial District: Ana L. Gregory, Robert S. Noel, Ramsey L. Ogg, Dayna M. Ryan, William M. Street and Thomas G. Zentner, Jr. (Five appointments pending.)
• Fifth Judicial District: John C. Hamilton. (Two appointments pending.)
• Sixth Judicial District: Kenneth A. Brister. (One appointment pending.)
• Seventh Judicial District: Ann S. Siddall. (One appointment pending.)
• Eighth Judicial District: Justin K. Gates.
• Ninth Judicial District: David D. Williams, Charles G. Elliott and Robert M. Levy. (Four appointments pending.)
• Tenth Judicial District: Keenan K. Kelly. (One appointment pending.)
• Eleventh Judicial District: Rebecca L. Riall.
• Twelfth Judicial District: Douglas L. Bryan and Dan B. McKay.
• Thirteenth Judicial District: (Two appointments pending.)
• Fourteenth Judicial District: Somer G. Brown, Cade R. Cole, L. Paul Foreman, Thomas L. Lorenzi, Alexander Reed, Chantell M. Smith, Shayna L. Sonnier and Cody J. Vidrine. (One appointment pending.)
• Fifteenth Judicial District: Katherine L. Hurst, James L. Klock, Andrew B. Mims, Jared E. Nelson, Donovan J. O’Pry II, Joseph R. Oelkers III, Jeffrey A. Riggs, Michael D. Skinner and Juliette B. Wade. (Four appointments pending.)
• Sixteenth Judicial District: Adolph B. Curet III, Eric P. Duplantis, Pamela A. Lemoins, Marsha McNulty, Andrew Reed, Maggie T. Simar and Dennis R. Stevens. (One appointment pending.)
• Seventeenth Judicial District: William N. Abel, Daniel A. Cavell, Eugene G. Gouaux III and Nicholas J. Zeringue. (One appointment pending.)
• Eighteenth Judicial District: John L. Ewing, Jr., Stephen P. Jewell and Deidre D. Robert. (One appointment pending.)
• Nineteenth Judicial District: B. Scott Andrews, Jesse H. Bankston, Jr., Valerie B. Bargas, James E. Boren, Dana B. Brown, Douglas J. Cochran, Jean M. Faria, Frank A. Fertitta, Christopher B. Hebert, Rusty M. Messer, Darrel J. Papillion and Mary E. Roper. (Nine appointments pending.)

Young Lawyers Division Officers
• Chair-Elect 2020-21: Graham H. Ryan.
• Secretary 2020-21: Danielle L. Borel.

Young Lawyers Division Council
• Seventh District: Ana L. Gregory.

American Bar Association House of Delegates
• YLD Representative: Megan S. Peterson.

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