LSBA Dues and LADB Assessment Payment Cycle Will Begin in Mid-May

When the dues/assessment cycle is activated, LSBA members will have the option to pay their LSBA dues and Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board assessment by ACH electronic check, credit card, or download and mail their Attorney Registration Statement and checks for the payment of fees.

Members are encouraged to pay and file electronically, as this access will be available 24/7, including times when the Bar Center is closed or if mail service is disrupted due to inclement weather. Further, electronic payment gives members more control over their information in the database and allows for more timely updates to their member records.

Filing electronically should be a quick and simple process, utilizing the online member accounts that participants have relied on for years to register for CLE seminars and to access Fastcase. If an attorney has not yet set up a member account, one can easily be created at: This webpage also allows members to edit their existing accounts and to reset a lost or forgotten account password.

After member data is confirmed but before the payment/filing process begins, members will be advised that they also need to go to to complete the Louisiana Supreme Court Trust Account Disclosure and Overdraft Notification Authorization Form and will be asked to confirm that they understand this requirement.

The collection schedule will be the same as in prior years. In lieu of mailing a statement to each member, in mid-May, the LSBA will mail to each member a 4x6 postcard, which will provide instructions to go online to to complete the registration process, and also go online to to complete the Trust Account Form. This is the only mailing members will receive prior to the July 1, 2017, due date; attorney registration statements will NOT be mailed.

Once members have electronically filed their Attorney Registration Statements (including any necessary changes and/or updates) and made the required payments, they will receive email confirmations. The filing and payment deadline will remain July 1. The LSBA will continue to mail delinquency and ineligibility notices to those who fail to meet the deadlines.

Members who elect to pay by electronic check will continue to pay the following fees:
• LSBA dues (practicing more than three years): $200;
• LSBA dues (practicing three years or less): $80;
• LADB assessment (practicing more than three years): $235; and
• LADB assessment (practicing three years or less): $170.

Those who are planning to pay by electronic check should contact their financial institutions to confirm that their accounts allow payment by this method.

As was the case last year, processing fees of 3%, plus a .20 transaction fee, will be passed along to those choosing to pay by credit card. Total amounts, including credit card processing fees, are as follows:
• LSBA dues (practicing more than three years): $206.20;
• LSBA dues (practicing three years or less): $82.60;
• LADB assessment (practicing more than three years): $242.25; and
• LADB assessment (practicing three years or less): $175.30.

Bar staff members will be available to answer questions and provide assistance to members. All questions and concerns should be directed to:
• Email —
• Telephone — (504)566-1600 or (800)421-LSBA; ask for Payment Processing.

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