Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program (JLAP) Offers Services to LSBA Members and Their Families

The new Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, Inc.’s (JLAP) redesigned website is now accessible online at: http://www.louisianajlap.com.

JLAP is a full-service and comprehensive mental health and wellness assistance program with full-time professional clinical staff members. It provides direct and confidential assistance to LSBA members and their families who are experiencing problems such as mental health issues, alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling and all other addictions. The website offers ease of navigation and quick access to important information.

“JLAP will never rest in furthering its mission to save lives and careers in the legal profession while also helping to protect the public from the harm that can be caused by impaired lawyers and judges,” said JLAP Executive Director Buddy Stockwell.

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