Nominations Accepted Through June 30 for Citizen Lawyer Award

Nominations will be accepted through June 30 for the Louisiana State Bar Association’s (LSBA) Citizen Lawyer Award, a service award that recognizes individual attorneys and judges who have performed public services out of a sense of duty, responsibility and professionalism.

In 2001, the LSBA instituted the Crystal Gavel Awards. This award program was updated in 2014 and renamed the Citizen Lawyer Awards.

To be nominated, the lawyer must be admitted to practice in Louisiana, and the judge must have been elected or appointed to a state or federal court in Louisiana. Nominees must have made a difference in their local communities, in local organizations, or in the life of one person, and have served the public in a number of areas, including:
• Aiding the administration of justice.
• Assisting groups or individuals on a volunteer basis in a non-legal capacity.
• Educating the public or individuals or students about legal matters.
• Providing pro bono legal services in a matter of a significant nature, or in a significant number of cases, or in a way that significantly changed the life of a person or group.
• Working in conjunction with the court system to make it more welcoming, inviting and understandable for jurors, witnesses or victims of crime.

Awards are presented in local communities throughout the state. There is no limit to the number of awards which will be presented, as the LSBA wishes to recognize all deserving individuals.

For more information about the award or to submit a nomination, go to: Or email the LSBA’s Member Outreach and Diversity Department at  

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