Reminder: Lawyer Advertising Filing Requirement

Per Rule 7.7 of the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct, all lawyer advertisements and all unsolicited written communications sent in compliance with Rule 7.4 or 7.6(c) — unless specifically exempt under Rule 7.8 — are required to be filed with the LSBA Rules of Professional Conduct Committee, through LSBA Ethics Counsel, prior to or concurrent with first use/dissemination. Written evaluation for compliance with the Rules will be provided within 30 days of receipt of a complete filing. Failure to file/late filing will expose the advertising lawyer(s) to risk of challenge, complaint and/or disciplinary consequences.

View the necessary Filing Application Form, information about the filing and evaluation process, the required filing fee(s) and the pertinent Rules.

Inquiries, questions and requests for assistance may be directed to LSBA Ethics Counsel Richard P. Lemmler, Jr.,, (800)421-5722, ext. 144, or direct dial (504)619-0144.

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