Papillion, Mire, Chabert, Tate Certified Elected for LSBA, YLD Leadership Positions

Darrel J. Papillion of Baton Rouge and Alainna R. Mire of Alexandria have been certified elected for the positions of 2015-16 Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) president-elect and 2015-17 LSBA secretary, respectively, following the close of election qualifying on Oct. 20.

Papillion will automatically assume the presidency in 2016-17.
Scotty E. Chabert, Jr. of Baton Rouge and Bradley J. Tate of Baton Rouge have been certified elected for 2015-16 Young Lawyers Division (YLD) chair-elect and secretary, respectively.
Papillion is a partner in the firm of Walters, Papillion, Thomas, Cullens, L.L.C., in Baton Rouge. Mire is an assistant attorney in the Alexandria City Attorney’s Office. Chabert is an assistant district attorney for the 18th Judicial District and a partner in the firm of Saunders & Chabert in Baton Rouge. Tate is tax manager for the firm of Postlethwaite & Netterville in Baton Rouge.

Voting Begins Nov. 17

First-round voting begins Nov. 17 for several contested leadership positions on the Board of Governors, Nominating Committee, LSBA House of Delegates, Young Lawyers Division Council and American Bar Association House of Delegates.
For this election cycle, balloting will be conducted electronically only, as approved by the LSBA Board of Governors. No paper ballots will be provided.
First election ballots will be available to members on Monday, Nov. 17. Deadline for electronically casting votes is Monday, Dec. 15.
Listed below are candidates in Contested Races and members who have been Certified Elected for their races. Profiles of the candidates in contested races will be accessible online by Nov. 17.

Board of Governors (three-year term)
Eighth Board District (1 position)
Marjorie L. Frazier
David J. Hemken 
Nominating Committee (one-year term)
District 1A (4 positions)
Donald R. Abaunza
Brent B. Barriere
Lawrence J. Centola III
H. Minor Pipes III
Phillip A. Wittmann
District 3A (1 position)
Steven G. (Buzz) Durio
Katherine L. Hurst
Jeffrey A. Riggs
District 3C (1 position)
Robert L. Bussey
Robert G. Levy
District 3D (1 position)
John M. Frazier
Michael F. Miller
District 3E (1 position)
Alex W. Rankin
Thomas G. Zentner, Jr.
LSBA House of Delegates (two-year term)
Twenty-Third Judicial District (5 positions)
Sara T. Anderson Clarke
Christopher J. Bridges
Lana O. Chaney
Rusty M. Messer
Michael Poirrier
Timothy E. Pujol
Forty-First Judicial District (32 positions)
Donald R. Abaunza
Glenn B. Adams
Francis J. Barry, Jr.
Ashley L. Belleau
Jack C. Benjamin, Jr.
Joseph M. Bruno
Thomas A. Casey, Jr.
Lawrence J. Centola III
Justin M. Chopin
Jeffrey A. Clayman
Richard B. Eason
Micah J. Fincher
William R. Forrester
Darryl J. Foster
Judith A. Gainsburgh
James C. Gulotta, Jr.
Phillip K. Jones, Jr.
Mark D. Latham
Andrew R. Lee
Donald A. Mau
Ryan M. McCabe
Andre J. Mouledoux
John H. Musser V
H. Minor Pipes III
Brian P. Quirk
Christopher K. Ralston
Degan S. Rosenbloom
Louis G. Schott
Karen B. Sher
Ronald J. Sholes
John A. Stassi II
Deborah M. Sulzer
Brandon K. Thibodeaux
Irving J. Warshauer
Craig R. Webb
Edward D. Wegmann
Colby F. Wenck
Phillip A. Wittmann
Jay C. Zainey, Jr.
Young Lawyers Division Council (two-year term)
First District (1 position)
Ryan E. Beasley
Dylan K. Knoll
Scott L. Sternberg
Jeffery Waltz
Second District (1 position)
Amy E. Duncan
Jeffrey D. Hufft
Betty A. Maury
Fifth District (1 position)
Leah G. Cotten
Melanie C. Donahue
Carrie LeBlanc Jones
Melynda L. LaBrosse
Victor R. Loraso III
American Bar Association House of Delegates
(two-year term, 1 position)
James Baehr
Brent B. Barriere
Joseph M. Bruno
Jeremy S. Epstein
Richard K. Leefe

Board of Governors
• Sixth Board District: Charles D. Elliott.
• Seventh Board District: C.A. (Hap) Martin III.
Nominating Committee
• District 1B: Adrianne L. Baumgartner.
• District 2A: Blake S. Leger and Edward J. Walters, Jr.
• District 2B: Robert A. Kutcher and Raymond S. Steib.
• District 3B: Robert S. Dampf.
LSBA House of Delegates
• Twentieth Judicial District: Samuel D’Aquilla and Michael L. Hughes.
• Twenty-First Judicial District: Mary E. Heck Barrios, Erik L. Burns, Anthony T. Caruso, Steven J. Farber, D. Blayne Honeycutt and Robert W. Morgan.
• Twenty-Second Judicial District: Elizabeth A. Alston, Clayton J. Borne IV, Eric K. Buerger, William H. Burris, Gordon T. Herrin, Waldon M. Hingle, Willard O. Lape, Robert C. Lehman, James K. McNary and Patrice W. Oppenheim.
• Twenty-Fourth Judicial District: Allen I Boudreaux, Paul M. Brannon, Robert J. Caluda, Thomas C. Cerullo, Sandra K. Cosby, Stephen Guy deLaup, Michael R. Delesdernier, Paul C. Fleming, Jr., Christy M. Howley, Adrian F. Lapeyronnie III, John J. Lee, Jr., Richard K. Leefe, Scott W. McQuaig, Bryan A. Pfleeger, Roy A. Raspanti, George B. Recile, Mettery I. Sherry and Tina L. Suggs.
• Twenty-Fifth Judicial District: S. Jacob Braud and Dominick Scandurro, Jr.
• Twenty-Sixth Judicial District: John Z. Blanchard, Amanda A. Hulett, Patrick R. Jackson and Ross E. Shacklette.
• Twenty-Seventh Judicial District: Francis A. Olivier III and Jacque B. Pucheu.
• Twenty-Ninth Judicial District: Steven F. Griffith, Sr. and Robert L. Raymond.
• Thirtieth Judicial District: Daniel W. Bush.
• Thirty-First Judicial District: Richard M. Arceneaux.
• Thirty-Second Judicial District: Sye J. Broussard.
• Thirty-Third Judicial District: Mary H. Holmes and Michael B. Holmes.
• Thirty-Fourth Judicial District: Roberta L. Burns, Tracy H. Duplantier, Gregory J. Noto, Gregory W. Rome and Paul A. Tabary III.
• Thirty-Fifth Judicial District: Scott M. Prudhomme.
• Thirty-Eighth Judicial District: Robert J. Sheffield, Jr.
• Thirty-Ninth Judicial District: John Q. Davis.
• Fortieth Judicial District: Vercell Fiffie and William D. O’Regan III.
• Forty-Second Judicial District: Adrienne D. White.
Young Lawyers Division Council
• Fourth Board District: Adam P. Johnson.
• Sixth Board District: Christie C. Wood.
• Eighth Board District: Allison C. Foster.
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