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Congratulations on your admission to the Bar Association! The LSBA has implemented a mentoring program for new lawyers, Transition Into Practice (“TIP”), pursuant to an order by the Supreme Court of Louisiana. This program, now statewide, is being offered on a voluntary basis for those admitted to the LSBA in the first year of their practice. If you wish to participate, you will be paired with a mentor for a one year period commencing on the date of the pairing. The Committee on the Profession believes a successful mentoring relationship is extremely helpful to new lawyers just starting out into the practice of law.

Your participation in TIP will be in two categories. You will be required during the year to undertake eleven specific tasks such as attending hearings in various courts and going to a bar function. Additionally, you will meet four times during the year with your mentor to go over a myriad of discussion topics to assist in your transitioning into the practice of law.

Your mentor and you will be provided with an extensive training manual. This material will certainly help in this process and you will find it to be an excellent resource not just now, but in the years to come. 

TIP is available to all new admittees whether you are with a firm, serving as a law clerk, working for the government or considering practicing on your own. Most importantly, there is absolutely no cost for your participation. There is an Annual TIP Reception for the mentors and you hosted by the Supreme Court and the Bar Association.

While this program is voluntary you should strongly consider participating in it. The time investment will pay great dividends as you move from law school in to the practice of law. The LSBA and Supreme Court want to make that transition as smooth as possible and this new program is here for you.

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