Crystal Gavel Awards

Crystal Gavel Awards

Hon. Sheva M. Sims was selected to receive a 2013-14 Crystal Gavel Award for her outstanding efforts assisting many groups on a volunteer basis. Judge Sims presides over Division D of Shreveport City Court.

As a past president on the Board of Directors at the YWCA of Northwest Louisiana, Judge Sims worked tirelessly to build the organization after several grants expired. She personally called key supporters in the community to keep the doors open and the employees’ salaries paid. Her championing the cause of women and domestic violence has caused her to spend many hours helping others, not just as a board president, but in the personal lives of many women she has helped.

She also volunteers her time in the support of various HIV/AIDS organizations. Judge Sims has often donated to or organized donations for clients in need at the Philadelphia Center. As a board member of Louisiana AIDS Advocacy Network (LAAN) , she would travel across the state to bring back important information concerning HIV/AIDS to the board of The Philadelphia Center and other north Louisiana HIV/AIDS organizations in need. Her work effectively has reached people affected and living with HIV/AIDS deep within the rural areas of north Louisiana.

Judge Sims’ spirit of volunteerism extends to her passion in teaching and tutoring children in math. She diligently volunteers her services to the students at the Shreveport Job Corps Center as a tutor, lecturer and advisor. She has made contributions to many high school graduates entering college to help them purchase books and other supplies needed to continue their educations. She has also bought computers to enable students to do research and complete assignments.

Judge Sims continuously educates the citizens of the Shreveport area by hosting monthly “Know Your Rights” seminars. This forum not only educates the public about their rights, but also provides pragmatic etiquette tips on how to respond to officers in police stops and the proper manners when brought before the court.

“Judge Sims has made significant long-term contributions in volunteerism in north Louisiana and the state as a whole,” said Deborah Allen, one of seven individuals who nominated Judge Sims for the award. “I am proud to be able to nominate one of this state’s most civic-minded judges, who understands what civic duty is and tirelessly reaches across this city and state to those in need.”

Judge Sims earned her law degree from the Southern University Law Center.

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