Transition Into Practice (TIP) Voluntary Mentoring Program

The Louisiana Supreme Court formally approved the Transition Into Practice (TIP) Program for new lawyers admitted to practice in the state of Louisiana. The TIP Program, sponsored by CNA/Gilsbar, commenced in January 2015 and was implemented through the LSBA Committee on the Profession. The pilot volunteer mentoring program was initially available in Baton Rouge, Shreveport and greater New Orleans. The TIP program was formally expanded statewide in February 2017.

The program matchs one mentor with one mentee, allowing more experienced attorneys to share their knowledge with those who are just starting their careers. The Bar and the Louisiana Supreme Court see this as an opportunity to exercise the highest level of professionalism; as such, each mentor can receive up to six hours of free CLE credit (should they successfully complete a mentoring training session and if their mentee successfully completes their requirements). 

Mentee Volunteers

Transition Into Practice (TIP) Mentoring

Congratulations on your admission to the Bar Association! The Transition Into Practice (TIP) mentoring program is being offered on a voluntary basis for those new lawyers recently admitted into practice. If you wish to participate, you will be paired with a mentor for one year commencing on the date of the pairing.  To register click the Mentee Volunteer Registration button below.

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Spot Mentoring

Spot mentoring is a supplement to our TIP program, an episodic or on-demand program. Spot Mentoring allows individual and eligible LSBA attorneys to initiate contact with a volunteer spot mentor on the numerous questions a lawyer out in the practice 2-7 years may encounter.

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Mentor Qualifications
The Supreme Court will appoint qualifying mentors recommended by the LSBA based on submitted mentor applications. To qualify for appointment, the mentor:
  • must have been admitted into the practice of law for a period of at least ten years;
  • must have no record of suspension or disbarment from practice;
  • must have a professional liability insurance policy with minimum limits of $100,000 per occurrence and $300,000 in the aggregate; and
  • must be of good moral character, willing to voluntarily participate in the program, and commit throughout its term to the obligations and duties of being a mentor.

The professional liability insurance policy requirement is not applicable to mentors who are employed as in-house attorneys or employed by a governmental unit or “not for profit” entity.

Judges may serve as mentors.

Mentor Registration
The pilot TIP Program is now available statewide to all lawyers within a year of their admission but experienced Mentors are needed.  Mentors who have successfully mentored a new admittee get 6 hours of CLE credit the first  year and 4 hours of CLE credit subsequent pairings. Mentees and Mentors who complete the rigorous program each receive a formal Certificate from the LSBA thanking them for their participation.

One of the main goals of the mentoring program is not only to impart the wisdom, character and experience of the older lawyers to younger attorneys, but to foster friendships and collegiality. Please consider volunteering to become a Mentor! 

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TIP Program Resources

Chief Justice Bernette Joshua Johnson, Louisiana Supreme Court

Barry H. Grodsky, Chair, Committee on the Profession

Louisiana State Bar Association
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New Orleans, LA 70130
(800) 421-LSBA(5722) / (504) 566-1600