Elections: Online Voting Continues Through Dec. 16

Online voting for several contested LSBA leadership positions is underway and will continue through Monday, Dec. 16. There are contested positions on the Board of Governors, the Nominating Committee, the LSBA House of Delegates, the Young Lawyers Division and the American Bar Association House of Delegates. Voting is being conducted online-only. No paper ballots will be mailed.

Click here to vote online.

Listed below are candidates in Contested Races. View profiles of the candidates in contested races at: www.lsba.org/BarGovernance/Elections.aspx.


Board of Governors (three-year term)

First Board District (1 position)
Chauntis T. Jenkins
Patrick A. Talley

Second Board District
(1 position)
John E. McAuliffe, Jr.
Bryan A. Pfleeger

Fifth Board District (
1 position)
Kevin Hayes
Stephanie B. Laborde
Charles M. Raymond

Nominating Committee (one-year term)

District 2C (1 position)
James P. Layrisson
Nicholas J. Zeringue

District 3A
(1 position)
Steven G. (Buzz) Durio
Tricia R. Pierre
Jeffrey A. Riggs

District 3C
(1 position)
Douglas L. Bryan
Robert L. Bussey

LSBA House of Delegates (two-year term)

Fourteenth Judicial District (9 positions)
Theresa A. Barnatt
Thomas Louis Colletta, Jr.
Brian L. Coody
L. Paul Foreman
Matthew P. Keating
Thomas L. Lorenzi
Robert C. McCorquodale
David D. Palay, Jr.
Larry E. Pichon
Betty A. Raglin

Sixteenth Judicial District
(8 positions)
Adolph B. Curet III
Eric Duplantis
Paul T. Landry
Pamela A. Lemoins
Marsha McNulty
Andrew Reed
Maggie T. Simar
Anne G. Stevens
Dennis R. Stevens

Nineteenth Judicial District
(21 positions)
B. Scott Andrews
Kelly E. Balfour
Jesse H. Bankston
Valerie B. Bargas
Julie J. Baxter
James E. Boren
Dana B. Brown
Donald J. Cazayoux, Jr.
John M. Delgado
Michael D. Ferachi
Frank A. Fertitta
S. David Holladay
Craig F. Holthaus
Stephen M. Irving
Jay M. Jalenak
Michael W. McKay
Adrian G. Nadeau
Glen R. Petersen
Valerie T. Schexnayder
Amanda S. Stout
David Abboud Thomas
Jack K. Whitehead, Jr.

Young Lawyers Division Council (two-year term)

First Board District (1 position)
Amber B. Barlow
Lauren E. Checki
Dan Chiorean
Galen M. Hair
Hannah B. Salter
Thomas W. Shlosman
Seth J. Smiley
Dylan T. Thriffiley
Jeffery J. Waltz

Second Board District
(1 position)
Jason M. Baer
Kandace R. Hamilton
CaSandra M. King
Tyler B. Sarver

Third Board District
(1 position)
Kassie L. Hargis
Edward D. Rubin II

Fifth Board District
(1 position)
Cheryl S. Davis
Megan M. Dupuy
Campbell B. Fetzer
Carrie LeBlanc Jones
Crystal Jones
Kristi W. Richard

Seventh Board District
(1 position)
Katrina R. Jackson
Ashley L. Smith

ABA House of Delegates (two-year term, 2 positions)
Michael W. McKay
John H. Musser IV
Charles M. Raymond

ABA House of Delegates/Young Lawyers Division (two-year term, 1 position)
Grant J. Guillot
Ryan M. McCabe

For more information on the election, email LSBA Executive Assistant Mindi Hunter at mindi.hunter@lsba.org or go to: www.lsba.org/BarGovernance/Elections.aspx.

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