LSBA Implements new "Spot Mentoring Program" for Young Lawyers

The program gives 2-7 year lawyers seeking advice the ability to securely post questions via email.

The Committee on the Profession offers comprehensive mentoring through the TIP “Transition into Practice” Program to new attorneys in their first year of practice. The TIP program ends at the completion of the mentoring requirements within 1 -2 years of the new attorney entering practice. As a supplement to our TIP program, an episodic or on-demand program has been developed.  Spot Mentoring allows eligible LSBA attorneys to initiate contact with a volunteer spot mentor on the numerous questions a lawyer out in the practice 2-7 years may encounter. 

The LSBA Spot Mentoring program gives 2-7 year lawyers seeking advice, guidance or information the ability to securely post questions on the LSBA website in an email format.  All Spot Mentors will receive the inquiry. 

Examples of possible Spot Mentoring categories are Career Development (firm culture, time management, work/life management, receiving feedback, seeking opportunities internally and externally); Legal Practice Skills (writing, oral communication, negotiation, technical skills); Professionalism (ethics, civility, integrity, elimination of bias, system equity); Practice Development (networking, thought leadership, client entertainment, external involvement); Client Service/Management ( business solutions, responsiveness, articulating client value, counseling clients); and Family/Work Integration (parental leave, working parents, eldercare, family resources).

This innovative program will be of great assistance to the 2-7 year practitioners and serves as another benefit to you from the LSBA.  We look forward also to those who volunteer to be the mentors. 

2-7 year lawyers are encouraged to visit the LSBA website for more information:

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