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The forms on this website are provided by the Louisiana Access to Justice Commission. They do not pertain to every person’s situation, and you may have legal rights and options that are not included within the form. For help finding an attorney, visit If you choose to represent yourself, you are considered a “self-represented litigant,” and responsible for all parts of your case. Please note that forms provided by an online company, a local notary, or courts from a different jurisdiction, may not be valid in the court you file your case in.


These divorce forms are only available to couples in Louisiana who have been living separate and apart for one year if there are minor children together, or six months if there are no children. Please note these requirements apply to divorces filed under Civil Code Article 103(1), and that there are other options for divorce not included in these forms. For additional options and information, consult the services listed below.

Form: Self-Represented Litigant Petition for Divorce (no minor children)

Automated Form: Self-Represented Litigant Petition for Divorce (no minor children)

Form: Self-Represented Litigant Petition for Divorce (with minor children)

See also, the Divorce Libguide. 


Self-Represented Litigant Parent(s) Seeking Custody: 

This forms is for parents seeking custody, visitation, and/or child support for their children. The children involved in the case must be in the State of Louisiana for over six (6) months before you file. If you are not the child’s parent, you should visit for further help. If you are the parent and there is prior court case concerning the children in the court you are filing in, you may be able to use the "modification" form below. If there is a a custody, juvenile, or adoption order in place in another court, this form will not work.

Form: Self-Represented Litigant Petition for Custody

Self-Represented Litigant Parent(s) Seeking Modification of Previous Custody Order:

These forms are applicable only if the court you are filing in has previously issued a custody judgment regarding your children. If a court has not previously issued a judgment, you may want to use the form above. To proceed, you will need the docket number from your previous case (including related matters), the exact name and address of the other parent involved (or their attorney), and the exact name(s) and birthday(s) of all children involved.

Form: Self-Represented Litigant Rule to Modify Custody


Self-Represented Litigant Seeking to Modify Child Support:

This form addresses modification (increase or decrease) of existing child support judgments.  Louisiana law requires that a material change in circumstances exist before you are entitled to a modification. This form applies when the modification is being filed in the parish and court where the prior child support judgment (which hasn’t been registered elsewhere), was rendered

Self-Represented Litigant Rule for Contempt:

This form is available to self-represented litigants who feel the other party in a previous case is not following a judgment or order of the court.

Form: Self-Represented Litigant Rule for Contempt


Self-Represented Litigant Motion & Order for Continuance:

This form is for self-represented litigants who have a hearing or other matter set before the court and/or a hearing officer and wish to have that matter continued until a future date. Please note that courts take deadlines seriously and may not "grant" a continuance.

Form: Self-Represented Litigant Motion & Order for Continuance

"In Forma Pauperis" or IFP:

You will need to check with the Clerk of Court where you are filing your case about how much it will cost. If you cannot afford the fee, you can submit an "In Forma Pauperis" application provided by the Supreme Court of Louisiana. This form asks the court to allow you to proceed with your case without paying in advance. The court may not grant the request, or you may be still required to pay the fees at a later date. It is helpful to gather evidence as listed in the form.

Form: In Forma Pauperis

Note: For most cases, the opposing party needs to be "served" with official documents in order for the lawsuit to proceed. For tips on "service of process," click here.

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