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In June 2005, the Louisiana State Bar Association became the first state bar association in the nation to offer Fastcase as a free benefit to its members. Since then, LSBA continues to offer Fastcase as a member benefit to all LSBA members. 

Fastcase 7.3 (the most current iteration), code name "Mercury" offers a fluid and easy-to-navigate online legal research library. With enhanced Forecite, Tag Cloud, Authority Check and Bad Law Bot, Fastcase 7 also offers more advanced search options, new results screen options, larger fonts and selections to make documents easier to read on computer screens, and dual-column printing options.

  • With Fastcase 7.3, you will experience everything from a complete visual overhaul to new advanced search options.  More info on "Mercury" here

This member benefit is unlimited — with no restrictions on time or number of transactions, unlimited printing, unlimited reference assistance and unlimited customer service included for free, as well as a newspaper archive, legal forms and a one-stop PACER search of federal filings. Training webinars and tutorials, industry-leading mobile apps, and live customer support are available from members of the Fastcase team.

Fastcase 7 offers the following features:

  • User Friendly Home Screen

  • Advanced Search

  • Results Screen

  • Tag Cloud

  • Interactive Timeline

  • Document Page

  • Authority Check

  • Dual-Column Printing

  • In this full article download, Full Court Press author and insurance law expert Barry Zalma shares step-by-step practical advice on how to protext interests after natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Topics include how to present a claim to achieve the best results, write a notice of loss, and effectively communciate with adjustors.  
  • Leaders in legal technology, Fastcase CEO Ed Walters and Director of Analytics Michael Sander, consider how data assists lawyers with Joe Patrice.  Listen to this short podcast to learn how data can drive your cases and set client expectations. 
  • Fastcase's web-based bankruptcy filing service now has credit forms available.  Visit for a free trial. 
  • The Eleventh Circuit recently ruled that a suit filed by Fastcase against Casemaker was improperly dismissed. This suit and others concern the Georgia secretary of state's grant of exclusive publishing rights to Georgia's administrative regulations which allows Casemaker to license the content to others for a fee. Fastcase is contending that the regulations are public law and should not be under copyright by a private company.
  • FAQs about the change from Fastcase 6 to Fastcase 7:
     Q. Will Fastcase 6 still be available?
     A. Yes, Fastcase 6 will remain an option for members that prefer it for the near future. We hope that Fastcase 7 will be the more popular choice immediately, but do understand that changing over will take time. If a member has a specific request or complaint about Fastcase 7, please let us know so that we can seek to address it, but we are confident that the new features, content, and stability of Fastcase 7 will be very popular. 
     Q. Why are you making the change?
     A. As technology advances, there are new possibilities for the design of the database that were not possible when Fastcase 6 was created. Creating the new system has allowed for the development of new features, such as predictive typing in our Type-Ahead feature, Universal Searching, our Semantic Tag Cloud, and other features. Our system will also be easier to update, so we can continue to create new features for our system without disruption to the service.
     Q. Does Fastcase 7 have all of the content (statutes, regulations, treatises, caselaw, etc.) that Fastcase 6 has?
     A. Yes! All of the primary law content that was in Fastcase 6 is in Fastcase 7. For secondary content, Fastcase 7 has more content than Fastcase 6, including new secondary materials that are available without an additional charge. These include legal blogs from our partnership with Lexblog and expert witness profiles from our partnership with Jurispro. 
     Q. Fastcase 7 looks a bit different from some of the pictures I have seen. Why?
     A. One of the cool features about Fastcase 7 is the degree to which we can customize it for your members. This will allow you to promote materials for your bar association that are important for your members such as publications or journals. 
     Q. Will Fastcase 7 be easy to use or transition to?
     A. Yes! Not only will you have support materials like this one to answer common questions, there are a whole series of support materials available for you members, from guided tours built into the system, on demand videos, live webinars, Quick reference guides, full users guides, and of course the wonderful Outreach team at Fastcase who are eager to answer any questions your members may have. 
     Q. What are the technology requirements/ will it work with any browser?
     A. Fastcase 7 is gorgeous in all of the common browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari). Fastcase 7 also works in Internet Explorer, however as a responsible tech company, we encourage attorneys to use the newer browsers as many aspects of the older Internet Explorer browser are no longer being maintained by Microsoft.
     Q. How should we prepare our members for the switch over?
     A. Information, information, information! We encourage you to inform your members using all of the communication methods your bar has established. Included with this FAQ are suggested social media posts for the 14 days prior to the launch going live for Facebook, Twitter, or newsletters. We also encourage you to include the transition information in any email blasts or other responses you send to your members. Posting information on your homepage is also a great way of notifying your membership.
     Q. What if there is a new feature that members request/ we have new ideas for Fastcase 7
     A. We welcome new ideas! We’d always love to hear feedback and to see if we can add new features as part of our development process. Please feel free to send those to us!

To encourage smarter, more efficient use, Fastcase has created Fasttips. You already know that Fastcase has an app for iPhone, iPads and Droids, but did you know that you can:

  • create your own advance sheet in e-book format, one month's worth of judicial opinions from courts around the country;
  • batch print up to 20 cases at a time;
  • browse statutes in outline form;
  • email cases to yourself, colleagues or clients;
  • send your search results to another fastcase user; and
  • use online Live Chat for assistance with your research

Read Fasttips for even more features.

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