Practice Aid Guide: The Essentials of Law Office Management

Published by the Louisiana State Bar Association and underwritten by Gilsbar, Inc. (now known as Gilsbar, LLC) and CNA Insurance Company

The Practice Aid Guide Subcommittee of the LSBA Practice Assistance and Improvement Committee developed the guide to help attorneys with basic systems and forms to manage a law office.

Practice Aid Guide by Sections With Forms
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Section 1 - Establishing the Attorney-Client Relationship

Section 2 - Conflicts of Interest

Section 3 - Fees, Billing and Trust Accounts
NOTE: The sample contracts below were written in 2004. You are urged to read the case of Hodges vs. Reason over before utilizing the arbitration clause contained in the sample contracts.

Section 4 - Maintaining the Attorney-Client Relationship

Section 5 - File Management

Section 6 - Calendar Control

Section 7 - Termination of the Representation

Section 8 - Ethics and Professionalism

Section 9 - Additional Resources for Louisiana Lawyers

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