LSBA Disaster Response for Attorneys

Dear Members:

The Louisiana State Bar Association is committed to serving the needs of our members and the public during this difficult hurricane season. The health and safety of members, the public and the staff is our top priority. We offer our compassionate support to our members and all those who have been affected by these natural disasters.

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season has been one of the most active seasons in recent history. Hurricane Laura has had a devastating effect on an incredible number of people, impacting all aspects of daily life for many citizens. With this in mind, the LSBA has activated our Disaster Response website, dedicated to providing valuable information on court closures, resources, emergency declarations and legal assistance for those affected by the storms. These resources are crucial in a time of constant change and upheaval, as we work to keep lines of communication open and to keep the public informed.

In addition, the Disaster Response Message Board was created for LSBA members and other members of the legal community and can be used to post offers of assistance or request assistance from others.

We will continue to assess the need for disaster related legal services, which often appear days or weeks after the event. Visit the volunteer page to learn more about how you can help serve those affected with their legal issues. Or consider donating to the SOLACE Program, which is accepting assistance requests for non-monetary needs from those affected by the Hurricane Laura. 

The LSBA sends its warmest thoughts to those impacted during this hurricane season and our heartfelt wishes for everyone’s health and safety.

Alainna R. Mire
Louisiana State Bar Association

Disaster Response Announcements
SOLACE Hurricane Laura Relief
SOLACE is accepting assistance requests for non-monetary needs from those affected by Hurricane Laura. Requests can be for gift cards, furniture, office space, temporary housing, food, etc. Requests for assistance will be circulated to the 20,000 plus SOLACE members. If you or someone you know needs assistance, forward your request to SOLACE at or post your request to the LSBA Diaster Response Message Board. Please include an email address that protects the sender's identity.
Louisiana Supreme Court Emergency Orders
As a result of the catastrophic damage that Hurricane Laura has caused in the state, the Louisiana Supreme Court has issued an Emergency Order suspending all prescriptive, peremptive, and abandonment periods statewide for a period of 30 days commencing from the Governor’s August 21, 2020 declaration of state of emergency. The Court issued a second Emergency Order (updated on September 1) affecting filings with the Louisiana Supreme Court. The Court issued a third Emergency Order suspending deadlines in criminal matters in 21 parishes. The Court issued a fourth Order temporarily transferring emergency matters from the Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal to the Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Legal Assistance for Hurricane Laura Survivors
Those who live in a parish impacted by Hurricane Laura or who have evacuated from and plan to return to a parish impacted by Hurricane Laura, and need assistance with civil legal issues should contact Acadiana Legal Service Corporation. An extensive list of legal and nonlegal disaster resources, including FEMA, the Red Cross, Disaster SNAP Benefits, Operation Blue Roof, and other legal services, is also available at their Disaster Recovery page.

Non-Attorneys - Click Here for More Info on Hurricane Laura Relief

Disaster Training Manual For Volunteer Lawyers
The LSBA and partners developed a volunteer training manual following the 2005 hurricanes to educate attorneys on how to assist Louisiana residents with the specific challenges they may face after a disaster. Louisiana Appleseed volunteer renew and update the manual annually. Click here to view the September 2020 edition.

Disaster Response Hotline
The LSBA and ABA-YLD operate the Disaster Response Hotline for the public. This hotline provides a recorded message in English and Spanish with referral information for those seeking disaster legal assistance. It does not provide disaster legal advice. The Disaster Response Hotline is available at 1-800-310-7029.

Court Orders and Closings
The Louisiana Supreme Court website will log all potential court closure orders. Visit the Louisiana Supreme Court website at or by clicking the button below.

Louisiana Supreme Court Website

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