Volunteer Opportunities

Pro Bono Volunteers
We are currently monitoring the need for pro bono volunteers in Louisiana and Texas, and we will request volunteer assistance as needed. Please continue to check back with the site for the latest information.

Texas Volunteers
The State Bar of Texas is currently recruiting volunteers to help with anticipated legal needs. Currently, there are two volunteer opportunities.

1) If you are licensed in Texas or licensed to practice law in another state, the State Bar of Texas has asked that you fill out the Disaster Relief Volunteer Form to match you with the current legal needs.

2) Texas.FreeLegalAnswers.org, an online pro bono program that connects low-income clients with volutneer attorneys may be able to assist victims of Hurricane Harvery. If you are lawyer licensed in Texas, you may register as a volunteer through the "Volulnteer Attorney Registation" link at the top of the homepage.

If you are licensed to practice law outside of Texas, you may also register as a volunteer with Texas.FreeLegalAnswers.org. In response to The Supreme Court of Texas' order allowing attorneys licensed outside of Texas to assist with the disaster legal needs of those affected by the hurricane, Texas.FreeLegalAnswers.org will allow attorneys licensed outside of Texas to register and answer civil legal questions submitted to the site. Click here to learn more about registering with the site if you are licensed outside of Texas.

Louisiana Volunteers
We will continue to monitor the situation to assess the need for disaster related legal services which often appear days or weeks after the event. We will seek volunteers as needed to respond appropriately.

If you would like to begin volunteering immediately, please consider registering as a volunteer with LA.FreeLegalAnswers.org. LA Free Legal Answers is an online pro bono program that connects low-income clients with volunteer attorneys. To learn more about how LA Free Legal Answers works please click here.

Louisiana Pro Bono Organizations

Please be aware that local pro bono organizations may be displaced if they were affected by the disaster. Please search the Displacement Records to find the most up to date contact information.
Louisiana State Bar Association
601 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130
(800) 421-LSBA(5722) / (504) 566-1600