Professionalism in Law Schools

The Committee on the Profession puts on 4 seperate Professionalism programs at each of the 4 law schools in Louisiana (Southern, LSU, Tulane and Loyola).  Professionalism must be discussed, practiced and encouraged from the very first day of law school.  Only then can it truly filter into the Profession as a whole.

The 1L Professionalism Orientations

The Committee on the Profession conducts freshman orientation programs at all four law schools in Louisiana. The program was implemented over eighteen years ago and is designed to introduce the concept or professionalism to 1st year law students. Approximately 50 volunteer lawyers and judges participate in the program at each of the four law schools. Students and volunteer lawyers and judges are placed in break-out groups with the students to discuss professionalism hypotheticals.  1st days students are encouraged to discuss the various issues highlighted by the hypothetical scenarios.

There are overview speeches on the ideals of Professionalism by the LSBA President and a Supreme Court Justice in a plenary session before the breakout groups.

To view the hypotheticals ckick here:

Character & Fitness Programs – 1L Programs

The Committee also conducts programs to educate students about the bar admissions process at all four law schools. These programs, held in the Spring are designed to give law students information on the bar admissions process with an emphasis on character and fitness. Graduating from an A.B.A. accredited law school and passing the Louisiana Bar Exam is just part of the process for being admitted into the Louisiana State Bar Association. Applicants must also pass a rigorous character and fitness evaluations as well. Louisiana is a leader in this area and is the first state to conduct such programs. The LSBA received the prestigious American Bar Association E. Smythe Gambrell professionalism award in 2009 for this admission education initiative.

For information on the Bar Admissions process click here: 

2L Character & Fitness Question and Answer Presentation

The Committee on the Profession also does a Question and Answer follow up program to the Character & Fitness Programs in the Fall. The focus is on the bar application process. Representives of the LSBA, the Louisiana Supreme Court and the Committee on Bar Admissions discuss the law student registration process in LA with the 2L students. 

3L Professionalism Programs

Due to the success of the freshman orientation programs, 3L professionalism programs for senior law students are now being conducted at the law schools by the Committee on the Profession. These programs involve the use of video hypothets that set forth professionalism issues. It is a very interactive program and there are 3-4 Committee volunteers, usually including one judge.  Students are encouraged to participate and work through potential professionalism issues that might arise as young lawyers.
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