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Hanging Out Your Shingle Louisiana StyleThe practice of law is a great privilege. Your clients will trust you with their most confidential information and problems. Your representation of them and advice to them have the potential of changing the course of their lives. You learned much about the substantive part about your role. What about the nuts and bolts of creating your office and managing it efficiently? If you are new to the practice of law and opening your own law office, you will have to create office systems yourself. The challenge is to create systems which work for your particular practice so as to optimize your representation of your clients. Hanging Out Your Shingle: Louisiana Style was developed by the LSBA’s Law Practice Management Program and is a guide to starting your practice with practical tips and explorations of best practices. This guide augments the LSBA’s online Practice Aid Guide: The Essentials of Law Office Management.

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Chapter 1: The Law Office Business Plan - The Basics Chapter 2: The Actual Law Office Chapter 3: Attracting the Right Clients for Your PracticeChapter 4: Client Communication and Client Relations Chapter 5: Time and Billing and Preventing Fee DisputesChapter 6: Practice ResourcesAppendix 1: Business Plan TemplateAppendix 2: Deciding Which Form of Practice is Right for YouAppendix 3: Opening a Law Office ChecklistAppendix 4: Sample Legal Malpractice Policy with Mandatory Louisiana EndorsementsAppendix 5: Professional Liability Policy HIghlightsAppendix 6: Cyber Insurance Policy HighlightsAppendix 7: Workers' Compensation Insurance HighlightsAppendix 8: Quick Tips on Acquiring Clients ChecklistAppendix 9: Client Communication ChecklistAppendix 10: Time & Billing Checklist

Practice Aid Guide: The Essentials of Law Office Management
Practice Aid GuidePractice Aid Guide: The Essentials of Law Office Management is an online guide book published by the Louisiana State Bar Association and underwritten by Gilsbar, Inc. (now known as Gilsbar, LLC) and CNA Insurance Company. The Practice Aid Guide Subcommittee of the LSBA Practice Assistance and Improvement Committee developed the guide to help attorneys with basic systems and forms to manage a law office.

Visit the link below where the entire Practice Aid Guide: The Essentials of Law Office Management is available for download, or peruse the Practice Aid Guide Form Depository and pick and choose a variety of useful form, letters and checklists. 

Visit the Practice Aid Guide Essentials of Law Office Management Site and Depository

  •  #227 Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer (5th Ed. 2014)
    K. William Gibson, Editor
  •  #231 How to Achieve Success After the Bar Exam: A Step by Step Action Plan (2014)
    Joan Bullock
  •  #131 Law Office Policy and Procedures Manual (Revised and Updated Sixth Ed. 2011)
    Howard L. Hatoff and Robert C. Wert
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