Voting is an extremely important part of our government and democratic process. By voting, you can help elect leaders that reflect your values, and also help make laws and public policies that your support. People between the ages of 18-25 are one of the biggest voter categories, and your vote can make a difference!
To qualify, you must:
  • Be a United States citizen;
  • Be at least 17 years old (so long as you are 18 years old before the next election to vote); and
  • Reside in the state and parish in which you seek to register.
Note that certain criminal charges and/or a judgment of interdiction may affect an individual’s right to vote.
  • You can register online at
  • You can also apply in person at any “Registrar of Voters” office or any of the following sites:
    • Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicle offices;
    • Louisiana Department of Social Services offices;
    • WIC offices, food stamp offices, and Medicaid offices;
    • Offices serving persons with disabilities, such as the Deaf Action Centers and Independent Living offices; or
    • Armed Forces Recruitment offices.
  • You may also apply by mail by downloading the Louisiana Voter Registration Application form, completing it, and returning it to your local Registrar of Voters office. Faxed Voter Registration forms are not accepted. The Voter Registration form should be addressed and mailed or hand-delivered to the appropriate Registrar of Voters in the parish in which you are registering.
  • You should apply as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.
If registering in person at a parish Registrar of Voters office, you are required to prove your age and residency. You may submit your current Louisiana driver’s license, birth certificate or other documentation which reasonably and sufficiently establishes your identity, age and residency. If registering at a mandated site, no further proof of identification is required other than whatever proof is required for services received that you have applied for. Louisiana mails a verification mailing card to validate the address you have provided when registering by mail.
There is no fee to reigster to vote.
You will be assigned a specific location to vote that will also be listed on your voter identification card. You may also use the “Louisiana Voter Polling Place Locator” at to find where you vote on election day, or call your parish Registrar of Voters office.
You will be asked for a state-issued identification card to vote at the polling place. This can include a Louisiana driver’s license, a Louisiana ID card, or other generally recognized picture identification card with your name and signature. If you do not have a picture ID, you will be asked identifying questions by the poll worker and asked to sign an identification affidavit before voting.
  • A Louisiana identification (ID) card can be used as an alternative form of photo identification if you do not have a driver's license. You can use a Louisiana ID card to prove your age and identity in a number of situations such as voting, making bank transactions, enrolling in college, and buying age-restricted items.
    Fees will be waived for:
    • Any child who is in the state foster care system, or;
    • Any person who does not have a Louisiana driver's license, upon presentation of his voter registration card.
  • If you are a resident of Louisiana, you can apply for an identification card at any age. If you are 17 years old or younger, your parent or guardian must be with you when you apply.
  • You cannot apply for a Louisiana ID card online or by mail. You must visit a Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) in person and bring:
    • A completed application (available at an OMV office);
    • One primary document proving your identity, or;
    • Two secondary documents proving your identity; and
    • Your Social Security number (SSN), if you are 15 to 26 years old, a male, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
If you have moved INSIDE your parish, you should notify the Registrar of Voters office in your parish of any changes to your registration. If you have moved OUTSIDE your parish, you are no longer eligible to remain registered in that parish and you must register in your new parish.
Students may use their home residence address within the state or their school address for voter registration purposes. You may sign up to vote absentee by mail; you will need to include a copy of your fee bill or student identification card with your application to vote absentee by mail. Out-of-state students are allowed to use their school address in Louisiana if they want to be a voter in this state.
Yes. In Louisiana, the right to vote will be suspended while a person is in prison after being convicted of committing a felony, or while they are under a judgement of “full interdiction.” A person who is subject to a “limited interdiction” is able to vote unless the court suspends the interdicted person’s right to vote.

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