Access to Justice Commission

In conjunction with the Supreme Court of Louisiana, the Louisiana State Bar Association has created the Louisiana Access to Justice Commission. Continuing the work of the former LSBA ATJ Policy Committee, the Commission will pursue a coordinated and systemic approach to ensuring the public’s access to the legal system.

The purpose of the commission is to “assure continuity of policy and purpose in the collaboration between the private bar, the courts, and the civil justice community so as to further the goal of assuring that Louisianans, regardless of their economic circumstance, have access to equal justice under the law.”
Upon consultation with the Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, appointments are made by the President of the LSBA. Pursuant to the Supreme Court’s order, appointees will include; a Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court; a representative of the Supreme Court’s Judicial Administrator’s Office; two members of the Louisiana District Judges Association (at least one being a member of the Rural Judges Committee); a representative from the Louisiana Clerk of Court’s Association; two corporate or “in-house” counsel drawn by preference from the Corporate Counsel Committee of the LSBA; two leaders of Louisiana’s civil legal aid programs; and one representative from each of the following: the Louisiana pro bono programs, law schools, and the Louisiana Bar Foundation. In addition to the representative appointments, three unrestricted appointments will be made.

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