ATJ Commission Releases Guide to Provisional Driver's License

Through a coordinated effort with the Louisiana Department of Corrections and Office of Motor Vehicles, the Access to Justice Commission’s Building Bridges Committee members recently released "How to Get a Driver’s License When You Return Home from Prison," a pamphlet that outlines how people released from incarceration can apply for a provisional driver’s license under LA. R.S. 32:415.3.

The provisional driver’s license allows people who were incarcerated for one year or more to obtain a temporary license, good for one year, despite the existence of certain blocks that would otherwise suspend driving privileges. Certain exceptions do apply and are outlined in the pamphlet.

As Building Bridges member and Rising Foundations Executive Director Kelly Orians notes, "many people face an impasse - they need a job to pay off the court fines and fees to reinstate their driver’s license, but they need a driver’s license to get a job.” The provisional driver's license would give that person one year to drive legally, obtain a job, and save the money to resolve their suspensions and reinstate their permanent driver's license.

This project is a result of the Building Bridges Committee's larger goal to bring together the civil and criminal sides of the justice system to break down the barriers that formerly incarcerated people face. Ultimately, by removing some of these obstacles, the Committee works to ensure that returning citizens successfully reintegrate into the community rather than recidivating.

Find the Provisional Driver's License Pamphlet here. For more information, contact Amy Duncan at

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