Young Lawyers Division - Past Outstanding Young Lawyers

The award for Outstanding Young Lawyer is given to a young lawyer who has made exceptional contributions to the legal profession and the community. In determining the recipient of this award, the Council considers a number of factors including the nominee’s service to the public, the nominee’s service to the legal profession, the nominee’s service to the Louisiana State Bar Association Young Lawyers Division, awards and achievements received during the nominee’s legal career, challenges the nominee may have overcome, as well as descriptions by the person or organization nominating the individual of the nominee’s outstanding characteristics.

 Year Recipient City
 2022  Chloé M. Chetta  New Orleans
 2021  Yasha L. Clark  New Orleans
 2020  Sherron P. Williams  Shreveport
 2019  Micah C. Zeno  New Orleans
 2018  Loren D. Shanklin  Baton Rouge
 2017  Betty Ann Maury  Gretna
 2016  Alysson L. Mills  New Orleans
 2015  Cliff A. LaCour  Lafayette
 2014  Victor J. Suane, Jr.  Baton Rouge
 2013  Jamie Hurst Watts  Baton Rouge
 2012  Amanda S. Stout  Baton Rouge
 2011  Jonathan L. Johnson  Lake Charles
 2010  Karli Glascock Wilson  Baton Rouge
 2009  Blake R. David  Lafayette
 2008  Tara G. Richard  New Orleans
 2007  Kelsey Kornick Funes  Baton Rouge
 2006  Christopher K. Ralston  New Orleans
 2005  Joseph W. Mengis  Baton Rouge
 2004  Melissa M. Cresson  Baton Rouge
 2003  Kristen B. Menard  Lafayette
 2002  Shannon S. Dartez  Lafayette
 2001  C. Kevin Hayes  Baton Rouge
 2000  Brian Barber  Shreveport
 1999  Dona Renegar  Lafayette
 1998  Robert L. Broussard  Lafayette
 1997  Gayle Harrell Jackson  Baton Rouge
 1996  Kay Karre' Gautreaux  Lafayette
 1995  Lilynn A. Cutrer  Lake Charles
 1994  George Arceneaux III  Lafayette
 1993  Steven C. Lanza  Lafayette
 1992  Paul West  Baton Rouge
 1991  Salvador G. Longoria  New Orleans
 1990  Judy Perry Martinez  New Orleans
 1989  Susan Morgan  Shreveport
 1988  A.I. (Stacy) Williams  Lafayette
 1987  Lila Tritico Hogan  Hammond
 1986  John L. (Jay) Dardenne  Baton Rouge
 1985  Michael H. Rubin  Baton Rouge
 1984  Ben R. Hanchey  Monroe
 1983  Lawrence P. Simon  Lafayette
 1982  Richard E. Gerard, Jr.  Lake Charles
 1981  Edward J. Rice, Jr.  New Orleans
 1980  Jacob D. Landry, Jr.  New Iberia
 1979  Herman F. Sockrider, Jr.  Shreveport
 1978  John C. Combe, Jr.  New Orleans
 1977  F.A. Little, Jr.  Alexandria
 1976  Sam A. LeBlanc III  New Orleans
 1975  David L. Campbell  Lake Charles
 1975  Charles R. Sonnier  Abbeville
 1974  John B. Scofield  Lake Charles
 1973  Daniel T. Murchison  Natchitoches
 1972  John Dale Powers  Baton Rouge
 1971  Henry A. Politz  Shreveport
 1970  Wood Brown III  New Orleans
 1969  James A. Reeder  Shreveport
 1968  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr.  New Orleans
 1967  Jesse D. McDonald  Monroe
 1966  John G. Weinmann  New Orleans
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