Young Lawyers Division Purpose and Qualifications

The purpose of the Young Lawyers Division is to foster discussions and interchange of ideas relative to the duties, responsibilities and problems of the younger members of the legal profession in the State of Louisiana; to aid in their advancement; to encourage their interest and participation in the activities of the Louisiana State Bar Association, and, in general, to further the purposes and objectives of the LSBA.

The objects and purposes of the Louisiana State Bar Association are to regulate the practice of law, advance the science of jurisprudence, promote the administration of justice, uphold the honor of the Courts and of the profession of law, encourage cordial intercourse among its members, and generally, to promote the welfare of the profession in the State.

The Qualifications of Young Lawyers Division Members
Every member of the Louisiana State Bar Association (the “Association”) who has not reached the age of forty (40) or who has been admitted to the practice of law for fewer than five (5) years as of the beginning of the Association’s fiscal year on July 1, whichever is later, is by virtue thereof a member (“Member”) of the Young Lawyers Division. (Article I, Section 1, Bylaws of the Louisiana State Bar Association, Young Lawyers Division).

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