Young Lawyer Chair

Ms.Kristen D Amond

Kristen D. Amond is an attorney in New Orleans (Kristen Amond, LLC), practicing in federal and state courts in Louisiana. She represents businesses of all sizes in all forms of business disputes and is outside general counsel to small businesses and start-ups. She has represented bankruptcy trustees, plan administrators, receivers in complex litigation and investors in securities fraud lawsuits. She also is a trained mediator. She is a member of the civil pro bono panels for the Eastern and Middle Districts of Louisiana and volunteers her professional time to represent plaintiffs in civil rights cases.

She served as a clerk to Judge Susie Morgan of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. In law school, she served as an intern for Judge Brian A. Jackson of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana.

Amond received her JD degree, magna cum laude, in 2016 from Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center. She was editor-in-chief of the Louisiana Law Review, chaired the SBA’s Ethics Board and was the 3L representative of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Before law school, she taught second and third grades in New Orleans charter schools.

She served as the Louisiana State Bar Association Young Lawyers Division chair-elect in 2023-24 and as secretary in 2022-23. She was elected to two terms as the District 1 representative on the Young Lawyers Division Council.

She also serves on the board of the New Orleans Federal Bar Association Younger Lawyers Division and is an alumna of the New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute and a Council for a Better Louisiana’s Leadership Louisiana program. 

She was an adjunct professor at Tulane University teaching “The Media and the First Amendment” and teaches a course at LSU Law’s Apprenticeship Week each year with Judge Susie Morgan.

She was named as one of the American Bar Association’s Top 40 Young Lawyers in America in 2022 and has been recognized in the 2021-2024 editions of Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch and 2022-2024 editions of Louisiana Super Lawyers: Rising Stars.

Amond looks forward to traveling the world with her wife, Nancia Sterling.

Chair Messages

June-July 2024: Embracing the Non-Traditional Path: Professional Fulfillment for Young Lawyers

Why do we practice law? Some of us aim to climb the ranks to partnership in law firms. Some of us work to defend constitutional rights or to champion social change. We all excel in solving complex problems for our clients, all while navigating the twists and turns of our unique journeys.

Young lawyers (the under-40 crew) constitute 26% of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s (LSBA) membership. We are the energizers, bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to the practice of law. But we also view the world — and the legal profession — through a different lens.

As the new chair of the Young Lawyers Division, I have the privilege of interacting with young attorneys who are reshaping the pursuit of a legal career. Young lawyers across the state aren’t just transforming their individual career trajectories; they’re redefining professional success and fulfillment in ways that diverge from traditional paths. Let me share some insights from my conversations with them (and a hint to our more seasoned lawyers — take note!).

A New Definition of Success

For many young lawyers, a balanced life is as significant as professional achievements. We value flexibility, work-life integration, and the opportunity to pursue passions both within and beyond the legal field. We’re more inclined to measure success not by the rung we reach on the corporate ladder, but by our balance between personal and professional spheres and by our impact on our community.

The Personal Challenges of New Paths

Even with our ambitions for a balanced life, many of us grapple with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. In a profession that venerates tradition and often equates success with a linear career progression through established milestones, the road less traveled can be lonely. Without traditional signposts of success, young lawyers frequently question their worth and capabilities.

The Call for Inclusivity

Inclusivity and diversity rank high on today’s young lawyers’ list of workplace must-haves. We actively seek organizations that celebrate varied backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. An inclusive workplace isn’t merely preferable — it’s essential, as it fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Non-Linear Career Trajectories

Young lawyers often embark on careers that meander, diverge and loop back on themselves. We embrace changes in specialization, venture into entrepreneurship, or even step aside from law altogether to follow careers that more closely align with our values.

The Journey of Fulfillment

While the uncertainty of a non-linear career path can be daunting, it also opens up opportunities for personal and professional growth. By determining what professional fulfillment means for ourselves, young lawyers stay open to growth and can find satisfaction beyond conventional success metrics.

In pursuing fulfillment, adopting a growth mindset is vital. We see each challenge as a learning opportunity and every setback as a foundation for future triumphs. This mindset helps young lawyers flourish in an ever-changing environment.

Pursuing Professional Fulfillment

As a profession, we must foster an environment that promotes professional fulfillment for young lawyers. Yes, the grind for grind’s sake often overshadows the assessment of our journey toward fulfillment and our efforts to support others on their paths. I invite you to consider both.

Embrace the Unknown: Take risks and step out of your comfort zone. Unpredictable paths often lead to significant growth.
Balance Ambition with Humor: Aim high in your career goals, while keeping the ability to laugh at yourself and life’s curveballs. This balance is crucial for mental health and resilience.
Cultivate Relationships: Forge meaningful connections with peers and mentors. These relationships offer support, advice and can reveal opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Grow Through Stress: View stress and discomfort as harbingers of growth and learning. Each challenge fortifies us for future success.
Stay Open and Observant: Look for opportunities in unlikely places. The pivotal moments in life often disguise themselves as routine decisions or chance meetings.
Trust Your Journey: No one, not even veterans, has all the answers. Trust your instincts and your unique path.
Protect Your Energy: Release practices, expectations, commitments and people who sap your energy without adding value.
Support and Be Supported: Keep humility at the forefront, seek help when needed, and support others. Our legal community flourishes when we uplift one another.

By embracing these strategies, young lawyers can confidently navigate their careers, grounded in a definition of success that fosters true professional fulfillment. In an era of constant change, our adaptability and willingness to grow are our most valuable assets.

The LSBA equips young lawyers with the necessary tools and resources to navigate their unique career paths. Through our continuing legal education programs, mentoring opportunities and networking events, we support young lawyers at every stage of their professional journeys. Engaging with the LSBA helps young lawyers leverage these resources to achieve personalized success and maintain well-being and professional fulfillment.
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