The COVID19 situation is changing rapidly, and we, as lawyers, are having to adapt quickly. These webinars are dedicated to assisting practitioners on a range of topics. As topics are developed, they will be listed on this webpage. Visit this webpage again for new topics. Should you have a topic idea, please send them to me at

HOW DO I GET MY CLE HOUR ISSUED?  The listed webinars will qualify for one hour of LPM CLE, unless indicated otherwise. Additionally, these webinars will count as one of four hours of technologically enhanced CLE allowed under Rule 3(d). You need audio AND visual for the hour to be issued. Your CLE hour will be issued if the attendance report which we will receive after the conference reflects an one hour attendance. When prompted, make sure that you have entered your correct bar roll number. There will be no need to complete a CLE card for these webinars.
I'M HAVING AUDIO AND VIDEO ISSUES: Be patient. Webinar platforms globally are having huge surges in use. Glitches may occur. That said, connectivity issues may be arising on your end - specifically from your internet provider and/or your modem and router. Please ensure that your equipment has been updated (find out if your router and/or modem need to be updated and do so, if needed). Also, familiarize yourself with your device (unless you have a very old device, your device should have speakers). Make sure that you know how to turn on your speakers. 
REGISTRATION TIP FOR CLE WEBINARS:  Register early. To do so, click the appropriate link for the desired topic, date and time. This link will bring you to a separate registration page which will require you to input your name, email address and bar roll number. After you do this, you will be emailed your unique webinar link for your device (your unique link will not work for another and not for another device; do not share it). Again, register early so you are on time for the webinar.  IMPORTANT:  if you mistype your email address, you will not receive your unique link. Use the device that you used to register for the event. If the attendance report shows less than an hour, we will send an email to you to certify that you were online for the hour with full audio and visual capabilities.  
WILL WEBINARS BE MADE AVAILABLE VIA VIDEO? Some will be made available without charge through In Reach which is a service that the LSBA uses for webinars on demand. For topics regarding laws that are changing quickly (read: daily) due to coronavirus situation, those will not be made available until the law settles. However the CLE materials for these webinars will be posted.  

Some topics will be offered several times to accommodate as many practitioners as possible. 

LSBA's Practice Management Program

E-SIGNATURES: What to Do If You & Your Client Cannot Meet - STATE OF THE LAW - Presenter, Jason Anders (1 hr LPM CLE)
  • Click here for UPDATED CLE materials.
  • Jason Anders, armed with a law degree from LSU Law School and an M.B.A. in Finance from Baylor University, opened his solo practice in March 2019, where he focuses on business, contract, and succession litigation. Prior to hanging his own shingle, he was a partner with Montgomery, Barnett, Brown, Read, Hammond & Mintz, LLP, in the Business Practice Group.  He can be reached at
WEDNESDAY; 4-1-20; 9:45 to 11 AM:

  • Click here for materials.
  • Presenter:  Chelsey Lambert, is the  Chief Tactical Officer, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Legal Tech Media Group, Legal Tech Publishing and Events.Legal. A Legal Technology Specialist published Author and CLE Speaker with over fifteen years of experience working with coaching law firms on technology, practice management and marketing. Her background includes a combination of roles that give her a unique understanding of how law firms operate. From helping build products for lawyers, such as practice management applications, client portals and payment processing software. She has spoken frequently at the LSBA's Solo, Small Firm & TECH conferences. You can subscribe to Chelsey’s blog at

THURSDAY; APRIL 2, 2020; 9:34 to 11AM; Click here to register.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Creating a Positive Presence Online (1 hr LPM CLE)
  • Click here for materials (if not highlighted, check back later.)
  • Gayle O’Connor is a legal technology marketing consultant and sole proprietor of GMO Marketing. She provides marketing assistance to attorneys and legal vendors with a focus on social media, content marketing, speaking, and blogging. An honoree of Women in eDiscovery, she is a former marketing director for the New Orleans firm, Degan, Blanchard and Nash, and has served as a marketing strategist for numerous legal software providers. She is a frequent speaker for the LSBA and at conferences and seminars nationwide. 
  • DATE, TIME AND REG LINK: FRI, Apr 3, 2020 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM; Click link to register:

ETHICS IN UNCERTAIN TIMES: Ethics Advisory Service – We’re Available to Help When You Need Us (1hr ETHICS)
  • Click here for materials (if not highlighted, check back)
  • Presenters: LSBA Ethics Counsel Eric K. Barefield and Richard Lemmler, and LSBA President Robert Kutcher. 
  • DATE, TIME AND REG LINK: TUESDAY, Apr 7, 2020 9:45 AM - 11:00 AM CDT; Click link to register:

WORKING REMOTELY AND SECURELY: What Lawyers Need to Know – Presenters:  Sharon Nelson and John Simek (keynote speakers for past LSBA Solo, Small Firm Conference). ** Sharon and John are repeating this webinar for the LSBA.  (1 hr LPM CLE) 

  • Click here for CLE materials (if not highlighted, please check back later.) 
  • Presenters: Sharon Nelson, Esq. and John Simek are co-founders of Sensei Enterprises, a digital forensics, cybersecurity and information technology firm. Nationally known experts, they speak throughout the nation and have authored over forty books on these topics.
  • DATE, TIME AND REG LINK: WEDNESDAY, 4-15-20 at (9:45 to 11:00am): Registration link, click here.   

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